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All over the place? Don’t know where to start? Overwhelmed by the possibilities?

I know exactly what it’s like…
Not only are there a whole bunch of things that you are interested in but there are a ton of equally interesting and exciting possibilities for your own business.
Constantly distracted by cleverly titled emails or business-“related” Facebook posts.
You don’t want to miss anything or leave anything behind.
You don’t want to miss the boat so you are constantly jumping ship.
So, you are ALL OVER THE PLACE and feel as though you could drown at any time.

Ring a bell?
I know it does for me…
For years I have been so scared of choosing to focus in one direction for fear that I would have to put everything else aside forever…
Well, apparently we don’t have to.
I received an email from an amazing woman, GO BIG! Coach Kristen Howe, who use to share our experience.
Kirsten, said that she too feared loosing opportunities by focusing on just one thing. But she said…
Kristen Howe

“I was wrong — I mean W R O N G!
I was so busy trying to do everything at the same exact time, that I was getting nowhere fast!”

Kirsten then suggested a solution. She realized that she could have everything she wanted if she would simply set up her time in chunks of focus.
That’s it?! What’s the catch?
According to Kristen, the key to her success with this is that when she would block off time to focus on something, that was the ONLY thing she would focus on during that time…
No emails
No phone calls
No distractions

Then, she would shift to the next chunk of time that was dedicated to something else and ONLY focus on that…
And what happened?
Her life changed! Her WHOLE life changed…

I had more money coming in than I ever had before
I was able to say ‘Yes’ to more opportunities
My relationships thrived
My health/body/fitness went from being that last thing I took time for to a consistent focus
My sense of peace increased significantly
And more and more and more…


So, what’s Kristen’s point?
You CAN be, do and have everything you desire when you schedule the time to focus on each thing — one thing at a time!
 Seminar Junkies Anonymous: Natalee-Jewel & Dr. John Demartini Brisbane 2011
This is not a new concept.
I have heard Dr. John Demartini address the importance of setting priorities in your day when you are feeling stressed. He says when we focus on high priority items not low priority items, our lives accelerate in the direction of our goals and dreams.
I’ve been too busy implementing Demartini’s other amazing behaviours and habits that I forgot to apply, arguably the most important.
I have easily heard Dr. Demartini say it one hundred times, but it wasn’t until I was at Paul Holland’s VIDEO MARKETING STRATEGY MASTERCLASS this past weekend did I really get it. Paul articulated the benefits of time management, helped me structure me priorities and emphasized the need to keep it SIMPLE!
master Yoda - Do or Do Not there is no trySo I have decided to DO it (NOT TRY- as Master Yoda proselytizes “DO or DO NOT ~ There is NO TRY!” — for one week — and see if it really makes any difference.
After all, I have nothing to loose, it’s free, it’s just a case of being disciplined, committed and organized.
Here’s some tips that I will be implementing, if you are dare to join me 🙂
What’s the best way to manage your time?
DAY 1:
Take today to organize your thoughts, check your diary and consider your must-dos and essentials for the week.
Is there anything you can delegate or out-source?
****Special Note**** Do all that you can to block in your email/facebook checking time to only 2, maximum 3 chunks per day. For example, 830am, 230pm and if you must 7pm*. Turn off your email alert system so that when you are busy doing something else you don’t hear the little chime or popup that reminds you “you’ve got mail”.
*Remember, unless you are corresponding with an international timezone you can not action anything until the next day anyway! Take the time to enjoy your dinner, spend time with your partner and/or family or chunk out the time to catch up on all that reading you haven’t gotten around to.
Block out the chunks of time necessary to efficiently meet these tasks. Try to be realistic about how much time they take because if you underestimate you will feel overwhelmed and simply give up. If you finD you have overestimated the time needed to complete your task – that’s great, but don’t waste it. Either:
1. bring the next chunk forward,
2. Slot in a smaller chunk, or
3. Use the time to re-schedule, re-prioritize or just take 5 minutes out for yourself. Drink that cup of tea that usually goes cold; sit and breath – reflect on your end goal and the motivation behind why all these chunks are important to you anyway.
What’s the best way to organize the chunks?
Having reflected on your weeks “to do” list, anything that is not an appointment, list in order of priority.
Silly Question…What’s a priority?
What actions are going to generate the most amount of income for you?
What’s is already over-due or has a pending deadline?
What tasks will best help you build your brand or maintain your customer relations?
Whatever it is that makes your feel that sense of urgency – typically the things you AVOID the most 🙂

Once you have determined the priorities consider all the things you still think you NEED to get done and chunk them according to what time you have available and into some “sub-priority” order.
To be completely honest, I started writing this post a week ago, with the full intention of doing everything I suggested. But of course “LIFE” got in my way! My car broke down, my investment property needed emergency repairs and a friend desperately needed my help.
Ultimately, these were external influences I could only control to the degree of either ignoring them completely and potentially exacerbating the issues further or simply deal with them.

And life is like that – you make plans or you make excuses!

To achieve the best results, stay committed. If something pops up – deal with it. Re-arrange your priorities, assess their value and keep going – don’t give up.
So now it’s time to sink or swim!
I posted this on a Sunday – so you could get over the psychological hump – and get started first thing TOMORROW.
But if you are reading this, and it happens to be any other day of the week – no matter. Get started, no excuses, no procrastinating as NIKE so poignantly and concisely says, “JUST DO IT!”
Join me in the 7-day challenge.
Leave a comment and let us know what you are going to do to take action on this — today! And be sure to follow up and let us know how you went!
Do you have any other tips on how to best prioritize and time manage without sacrificing your passion? Let us know!
Contributed by Natalee-Jewel, Creator and Principal Journalist/Photographer for SEMINAR JUNKIES ANONYMOUS.


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