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September, 2010 | Seminar Junkies Anonymous

28 Sep

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20 Sep

Robert Kiyosaki, author of the all time, best selling, personal finance book – Rich Dad Poor Dad, caused a bit of a commotion when he released this book in 1997 and stated that your house is NOT an asset! If you want to be rich, you have to know the difference between assets and liabilities. Many people are struggling financially today because they think some of their liabilities are assets. Your house is not an asset. Your car is not an asset. What makes something as asset is that it puts money into your pocket. A liability takes money out of your pocket. Your house is probably NOT an... 

20 Sep

The Seminar Junkies Anonymous (GOLD STAR) rating system is calculated based on the value presented within the following four categories: 1. SUPPORT Which consists of A) Administrative support: From the very beginning it is important to receive helpful support from the event managers of any seminar you register for. The provision of clear and basic information such as dates, times, location and anything you are required to bring, can make all the difference. The introductory email or website should provide accurate and easy to find information, as well as make sure that any bonus material is easy... 

12 Sep
Richard Branson photographed by Natalee-Jewel

  Amazon.com Widgets   In the words of Richard Branson: Entrepreneurs are innately curious people, which must be why I receive mail from readers around the world asking all manner of questions about my career and my personal life, and not just looking for advice on starting up new businesses and managing mature ones. With my focus on fun at work, the boundary between work and life does tend to blur a little! So just recently, an interviewer asked me a great many short questions about both; our most interesting exchanges follow.     Q: What’s the first thing you think... 

8 Sep

If you Google “Stocks” “Shares” “trading” “Investing” you are bombarded with training programs and products to help you get started in the market. Seminar Junkies Anonymous is here to help you find and discuss the more (and less) reputability providers and products. KNOWLEDGE TO ACTION 21st Century Academy – Eminis Daniel Kertchner Learn more at: Investing for Income What stock trading & share investing products have you used? We love to hear from you – let us know about your market experiences – good, bad or indifferent? Just...