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January, 2011 | Seminar Junkies Anonymous

25 Jan

Would you like to know why EFT works and why it’s so effective? Well Bruce Lipton, a cellular biologist and best selling author, is about to explain to you why he considers EFT to be like “super learning”. In this fascinating video Bruce will explain to you how your thoughts can make you sick, broke and unhappy, why regular “positive thinking” doesn’t work and how you can use EFT to reprogram your mind to get what you want in life. You can check it out here: http://bit.ly/TappingSolutionVideo Bruce Lipton is a cellular biologist who has spent years studying... 

23 Jan

Wayne W. Dyer, Ph.D., is an internationally renowned author and speaker in the field of self-development. He’s the author of 30 books, has created many audio programs and videos, and has appeared on thousands of television and radio shows.   His books Manifest Your Destiny, Wisdom of the Ages, There’s a Spiritual Solution to Every Problem, and The New York Times bestsellers 10 Secrets for Success and Inner Peace, The Power of Intention, Inspiration, and Change Your Thoughts—Change Your Life and now Excuses Begone have all been featured as National Public Television specials.     Wayne... 

23 Jan
Listen Live Love

  WHAT IS HAY HOUSE RADIO?   Hay House launched its own radio station in early 2005. Hay House Radio is Radio for your Soul™ broadcast worldwide via the Internet.     It features 24/7 live streaming online radio shows featuring top authors, with over 4,500 archived shows, Live Online Demand downloads and Live Online broadcasts.     Come discover the immense power of your thoughts and beliefs and learn that by changing just one thought, you can improve the quality of your life.      

22 Jan

I’m sure you have been hearing many predictions and forecasts for the latest business and on/off-line marketing trends in 2011, but I wanted to share with you one of the best presentations I have seen.   Although it was filmed almost a year ago at the 2010 D.I.C.E. Summit, Jesse Schell (a video game developer & Carnegie Mellon University Professor) talks about the psychology of today’s market and marketers.   If you’re building a business in today’s environment, Schell has some fascinating points that are particularly important concepts to grasp no matter what your industry.   ... 

19 Jan

International Speaker, Millionaire Mindset Mentor, Bestselling Author and Award Winning Business Owner, in 2010 Sandy Forster was awarded Australian Business of the Year and Overall Company of the Year in the International Awards for Women in Business (New York) and in 2008 International Mentor of the Year.     Sandy has transformed her life from welfare to millionaire and loves mentoring others to create their own success.   She is the author of 6 international bestselling books, including ‘How to Be Wildly Wealthy FAST’ and has introduced tens of thousands of people to Sandy’s... 

19 Jan

  Being a late bloomer himself, Kevin’s history shows that it is never too late to make a start in property. In fact Kevin was your stereotypical farm boy, with no special training in property (he’d only crossed the bridge out of Wales once in his whole life).   It wasn’t till he was 35 years old with a wife and 3 kids that his life began to change. Kevin laughingly calls it “his midlife crisis” but at the time it was no laughing matter. Extremely frustrated with the limitations of the family farm, Kevin felt trapped and had a very grim outlook on his future.   Desperately... 

13 Jan

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cSxyIb_ILrU&feature=player_embedded#! Stuart Zadel of Think & Grow Rich produced this video which outlines his intention to boost the funds of those who donate to a major relief fund. Due to the devastation being experienced by the entire state of Queensland Stuart is encouraging everyone who views this video to donate money towards one of the major relief funds or organizations that are helping those who have been affected by this national tragedy. If you donate, Stuart would like you to reply to email “info [at] thinkandgrowrich [dot] com [dot] au”... 

12 Jan

LOA – Law of Attraction has the web’s most comprehensive catalogue of dedicated Law of Attraction audios. Conference calls, audio books, meditation, source energy, manifesting and affirmations. Everything LOA is covered by their diverse range of expert contributors. Check out LOA’s amazing Diamond Membership for LIFETIME UNLIMITED access to the entire LOA audio library. **Special ** Normally $198 Exclusive Seminar Junkie Special just $97USD! Simply click the banner below to claim your discount! You’ve heard people talk about it but what is The Law of Attraction (LOA)? LOA... 

8 Jan
Dale Beaumont

Who is this Dale Beaumont? Dale Beaumont is widely recognised as the go-to-guy for helping people “build profile” fast and make more money. With an obvious track-record of personal success, Dale is now a sought-after speaker and teaches others the same strategies that have made him a micro-celebrity in his field. Dale’s biggest claim to fame is as the author of the “Secrets Exposed” series – a collection of books that take people up-close and personal with hundreds of the country’s most successful people. To date Dale has published 16 best-selling books, which have collectively... 

8 Jan
Live It Up Oaks Resorts Seminar Junkies Anonymous

  Queensland Events Gold Coast Forex Seminar Wednesday 2nd November 2011 12:00PM 6:00PM Click here to claim your FREE Bonuses and registration. Brisbane City Centre Forex Seminar Thursday 3rd November 2011 12:00PM 6:00PM Click here to claim your FREE Bonuses and registration. Sunshine Coast Forex Seminar Tuesday 29th November 2011 Click here to claim your FREE Bonuses and registration. SOUTH AUSTRALIAN EVENTSGlenelg, SA Forex Seminar Sunday 6th November 2011 10:30AM Click here to claim your FREE Bonuses and registration. Adelaide, SA Forex Seminar Monday 7th November 2011 12:00PM 6:00PM Click... 

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4 Jan

MELBOURNE: “The Power Of Six-Figure Speaking” — With Shaune Clarke (JUST $197 — $1580 VALUE)     CLICK HERE TO REGISTER: http://powerofsixfigurespeaking-melbourne.eventbrite.com/   ***Register BEFORE 11.55pm on January 27th and take advantage of the early bird $97 ticket price, before they go up to $197***   You can see what some other “Not-So-Easy-To-Impress” people had to say about Shaune’s training here — It is a BIG WOW — Sooooo compelling…   http://on.fb.me/ShauneClarke   You can experience Shaune speaking... 

3 Jan
Louise Hay

  The Queen of self-help Louise Hay, has been called “the mother of inspiration” by Oprah Winfrey.   A true Pioneer starting the movement long before it was fashionable to discuss the connection between the body and the mind, Louise wrote her first book, Heal Your Body, in 1976.   Revised and expanded twelve years later, this best-selling book introduced Louise’s concepts to people in 33 different countries and has since been translated into 25 languages.   Millions of people throughout the world have learned how to create more of what they want in their lives, including... 

2 Jan
Jennie Armato

I first heard Jennie speak at a wealth creation seminar in Townsville in 2009. Jennie was… Inspiring, Informative, and Innovative! She explained how But Jen was not an “over-night” success! she got her first taste of the internet back in 1996 and it was not sweet. Being a first-rate techno-phobic with no understanding of direct response marketing set her on a path-way to failure. That outcome made her realize that she needed to adopt new approaches, release old beliefs and practices about how to run a business and ultimately led her to realize technology combined with the web... 

2 Jan
light at the end of the keyhole - absolute secret

OK so you’ve heard of The Secret and The Secret Behind the Secret but still you have read those books and watched those DVDs and still you haven’t seemed to learn the actual secret!   I was totally over The Secret until I heard about THE ABSOLUTE SECRET!   It’s a secret that almost every great achiever in the world knows. It’s a little-known technique that’ll enable you to experience success, happiness, WEALTH, and amazing coincidences beyond your wildest dreams.   And that very secret was the subject of numerous books in the early 1900’s, particularly a special... 

2 Jan
Jenny Armato Super Star

Are You Ready To Make 2011 Your Best Year Yet? If you answered YES like 100s of other entrepreneurs and you feel your time to Shine Brighter is FINALLY HERE, this enlightening coaching and mentoring program and Intensive Live Event is the ideal springboard to move you forward faster and easier than ever before… and with the right support. The Entrepreneur Super Star Intensive LIVE with Jennie Armato Melbourne: 25, 26, 27 February Click here to claim your VIP Early Bird Ticket! Jenny Armato presents “The Entrepreneur Super Star Program” includes 5 distinctive education, empowerment and support... 

1 Jan
OAKS Hotels & Resorts Seminar Junkies Anonymous Recommendation

  Selling With Integrity Workshop September 16 – 19 (4 days from Fri – Mon) 2011 Sydney click here for more details       PERTH: 16th + 17th September Medina Grand – 33 Mounts Bay Rd. Click here for your exclusive FREE invitation valued at $1495       BRISBANE Monday, 19 September 2011 Registration 6:00pm 6:30pm – 9:00pm Click here to claim your FREE Ticket NOW! SYDNEY Tuesday, 20 September 2011 Registration 6:00pm 6:30pm – 9:00pm Click here to claim your FREE Ticket NOW! MELBOURNE Wednesday, 21 September 2011 Registration 6:00pm 6:30pm... 

1 Jan

Click here to claim your FREE* Tickets NOW! *Available for a limited time only! Learn How to Make a 7-Figure Income and Become Known as a Celebrity in Your Industry by Applying Proven Strategies for FAST and LASTING Results with Jeff & Kane Jeff & Kane have… * Built 5 multi-million dollar businesses (two of which have become international brand leaders) * Helped, along with their coaching team, 156 entrepreneurs to start and grow businesses from scratch and then go on to sell those businesses for multiple millions of dollars * Have shared their strategies with more than 200 corporations...