23 Jul

These three things will make you more money!

1. Protect your ideas.
Is your brand or concept trademarked or patented? Do you have the .com, .net, .biz? Brand confusion costs you money. Imagine someone hears about you and goes to the .com but finds a competitor or another product entirely. You need to own the rights to what you do?
2. Be Controversial.
What is it that is controversial about you and what you do. We are not talking about radical, we are talking about against the norm, the accepted. For instance we always get Don Tolman free media because he poo-poos the pharmaceutical industry.
3. Get width through social media and depth through your data base.
Here is an example. We have a lot of fans and followers in various social media’s, but you are on our data base and only you are receiving this information. The key is to move people from social media to your database so you can get depth. Depth of relationship is what ensures people buy from you regularly.
Contributed by Justin Herald.
Justin Herald – Broke at 25, just eight years later he had created tens of millions of dollars and was named Australian Entrepreneur of the Year 2005.

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