18 Jun

One And Only You
Every single blade of grass,
And every flake of snow—
Is just a wee bit different …
There’s no two alike, you know.
From something small, like grains of sand,
To each gigantic star
All were made with THIS in mind:
To be just what they are!
How foolish then, to imitate—
How useless to pretend!
Since each of us comes from a MIND
Whose ideas never end.
There’ll only be just ONE of ME
To show what I can do—
And you should likewise feel very proud,
There’s only ONE of YOU.
That is where it all starts
With you, a wonderful
unlimited human being.
~ James T. Moore

discover your talents 
A talent is a natural endowment of a person. It is an ability or natural capacity that we have, which may range from our creativity to our athletic abilities. We all have them, but we are not always so good at identifying what they are.
By determining what your talents actually are, you can tap into an amazing resource that can help you in every aspect of your life, but especially your business. If you haven’t already jumped in, it is important to discover what your hidden talents are before getting into business or perhaps you want to find new ways to grow the one you have.
Discovering your talents are actually much easier than you may realize. Here are 5 simple and free ways to find your hidden talents:
1. Listen to others. Your friends, family, colleges and superiors usually know what your talents are, even when you don’t. Just ask. Ask everyone you know that will give you an unbiased, honest assessment about what they have observed as your strengths and natural abilities. Chances are they have already told you, but you just haven’t been listening – take notes this time round!
2. Notice what you enjoy most. This is perhaps the most important of all the points combined. Your talents may be surfacing and disguising themselves in the cloak of your interests. When you turn on the TV – what are your favourite programs about? What magazines/articles catch your eye? Sometimes, the information, whether it be in the form of education or entertainments, that we gravitate towards can hold clues to our own talents. What it is that you love to do most when you have free time.
3. Recognize what comes easy. What are there things that you find really easy or are obvious to do, while others may struggle or muddle their way through? Chances are the things you find super easy or believe should be just as easy, or obvious, for others, are where your natural talents lay.
4. Watch your language! Is there a specific subject that you love to talk about? Anyone could ask you anything about it and you’d have all the answers or at least have a healthy debate about the ins and outs? Do you rant and rave about it to anyone who will listen? Do you go and on about this to the point that your friends, family or colleagues just want to tape your mouth shut and drop you at the bottom of the deepest ocean? Perhaps the topic may be directly related to one of your hidden talents or is connected in some way.
5. Hero Heroine. Examine who your heroes are. Who are the people you admire most in the world – why? Is it perhaps because they reflect the talents you know you possess, but have just not been realized to their level yet? Perhaps the attributes and strengths you applaud and appreciate stem from respect for them having actualized and materialized.

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