8 Apr

This is what every coach needs to know about running a successful coaching business!
Often, it’s simply a matter of whether someone who’s been there, done that, is willing to let you in on those small – but HUGELY IMPACTFUL – “I get it now” tips, that make all the difference between whether you make money from living your life purpose, or not.
1 How to attract the right clients, not just any clients – Ever wondered how the top coaches seem to attract action-taking clients who are committed to making their dreams a reality? Clients who are grateful, pay on time and show up to all their sessions? It’s no fluke.
2 How to coach with confidence and congruency – Many people that want to coach often have thoughts like this holding them back from being successful:
* Who am I to be coaching someone else on how to improve their life?
* How can I coach a business person if I have never run a business?
* I don’t know what to say to people that have problems like ‘clinical depression’ or ‘relationship trauma’ or ‘bankruptcy’
* I can’t take money for coaching people without enough experience
* I don’t deserve to take money for helping people
The problem is that it either STOPS them from even trying to be a coach, or people don’t want them as a coach due to their lack of confidence.
3 How To Sell With Integrity – Whether you like it or not, you can’t serve without selling. In order to get people to believe in their own vision and their ability to change, – you have to learn how to sell. I will show you how to INFLUENCE PEOPLE WITH INTEGRITY, so that they make decisions and take action (without you being pushy or feeling awkward about it).
4 Why whether you get to experience the lifestyle and freedom that coaching brings, depends on your ability to secure client commitment – What would it mean to your cash flow AND your clients’ results, if they were to commit to 10 weeks, 6 months, even 12 months of coaching with you? The strategy comes down to how you package your services and present what you do.
5 Keeping your client engaged and interested – So, you’ve had a few sessions with a client. What do you talk about next? Do you have enough content to keep going? What if there’s nothing left to talk about? Here’s the news: You can ALWAYS add value and there is ALWAYS content to keep you going. Learn how to keep your sessions fresh and moving forward.
6 Learn the simple techniques to ensure you get paid regularly, and on time! You simply cannot run a business without cash flow. Managing money coming in and out, invoicing clients, making sure you get paid… These fundamentals of financial management are essential to your longevity as a profitable coach.
7 Learn how to generate an endless stream effortless referrals – When you transform someone’s life, it’s natural for them to want to sing your praises. However do you know how to ensure that this actually takes place on a regular basis? Word-of-mouth is the cheapest and most solid way to get clients queuing up to work with you. The trick is you must know how to ‘train’ your clients to rapidly grow your business.
Learn how Benjamin J Harvey grew his business, from the simplest of strategies (like how clients referred over $15,000 worth of work to him through text messaging at parties). Ben will show you exactly how he uses these no-brainer, zero-cost, fancy-free client generating tools to bring him a steady flow of clients and a 6-figure income.
Ben can show you how he secured $120,000 of coaching with a single 3 month contract, and then went on a well-deserved holiday!
Learn how to overcome pitfalls so that you can be a highly successful coach and make a rock solid income.
The people who TAKE ACTION to become certified coaches, do it because they want to be in the service of others. They do it because contribution is one of their highest values. They want to see people succeed.
Learn more about Ben’s secrets at his Ultimate One-Day Workshop For Any Coach Who Wants To Transition From Hobby To Successful Coaching Business Owner.
Bargain price for Seminar Junkies – Normally $197 but Only $47 including GST
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April 30 or August 20
Citigate Central Hotel, 169 Thomas St Haymarket
Registration: 9:30 am
Start Time: 10:00 am (sharp)
Finish Time: 6:00pm
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April 16
Mercure Brisbane, Level 2, 85-87 North Quay
Registration: 9:30 am
Start Time: 10:00 am (sharp)
Finish Time: 6:00pm
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April 2
Mercure Melbourne, 13 Spring St Melbourne
Registration: 9:30 am
Start Time: 10:00 am (sharp)
Finish Time: 6:00pm
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