17 Jun

Building Wealth isn’t about fighting yourself and trying to suppress your natural behaviour.
If that were true, the wealthiest people on the planet would have quit when they first became millionaires rather than still playing the game their whole life.
The real trick to building wealth is to maximise your natural strengths and the things you feel are fun.
That way you will always have the energy and the drive to stick through the challenges (and EVERY wealth strategy throws up challenges that are designed to weed out the people who are just chasing the money).
In all of history there have only ever been eight ways to create Wealth.
It might appear to most people that there are hundreds of ways, but in actuality there are ONLY eight!
Successful entrepreneurs focus only where they are strong and unsuccessful entrepreneurs try and do it all themselves.
1. The Creator – Builds innovative products
Examples: Steve Jobs, Walt Disney, Richard Branson
2. The Star – Builds an influential brand
Examples: Oprah, Paul Newman, Bill Clinton
3. The Supporter – Builds high performance teams
Examples: Steve Ballmer, Jack Welch
4. The Deal Maker – Brings deals together
Examples: Donald Trump, Rupert Murdoch
5. The Trader – Buying and selling commodities
Examples: George Soros
6. The Accumulator – Buying and holding assets
Examples: Warren Buffet, Paul Allen
7. The Lord – Controlling cashflow producing assets
Examples: Lakshmi Mital, Ingavar Kamprad
8. The Mechanic – Creating a duplicatable system
Examples: Michael Dell, Ray Krock

Almost everyone has done a personality test at one time. Often, you discover things you already knew about yourself – Extroverted or Introverted, Big Picture or Detail Orientated – Interesting yes, but how does it make a difference to your life?
Wealth Dynamics is the only personality test that tells you exactly what strategy you should follow to build wealth.
Of all the vastly different ideas, strategies, businesses and investments that you could pursue, Wealth Dynamics narrows it down for you … precisely. Click here for your profile test now!


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