9 Mar

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In the last few years, we have witnessed truly remarkable changes in the way we conduct business on the Internet.
We have seen hugely successful online businesses getting slapped, mangled, fined, closed off, shut down, banned, bankrupted, ran out of town, and utterly decimated. Some in the blink of an eye!
Bottom line, we have seen the landscape of the web completely transform in just a short time.

Trying to make money online is a lot more challenging than it used to be.

While the Internet has obviously changed, the question is: Have you?
The #1 Secret to Thriving Online, Even In a Competitive Marketplace Or Sluggish Economy, is…
… Your ability to change.
It’s your willingness to stay on top, to expand your knowledge, and to always be a step ahead of your competition!
I truly believe that knowledge is what makes one online marketer succeed where another fails. Current, up-to-date, state-of-the-moment knowledge. It’s how a newbie marketer rises out of nowhere to climb to the top, while others who’ve been chained to their PCs for years are barely getting by with a trickle in their income.
It’s one thing to learn how to make money online. It’s another to keep doing it, day in and day out. The key is to stay current. Get to know the latest trends, tools, rules. And learn the newest business models, traffic sources, untapped markets, etc.
Everything changes so dramatically that even information you may have learned just a few months ago may already be obsolete!

One Internet Marketer who has not only survived — but has thrived! — through what some say is one of the most grueling economic recessions since the Great Depression, is ARMAND MORIN.
I was lucky enough to see Armand Morin present a couple of times in 2010. Each time Armand managed to provide a value-packed session and with new and exciting ways to sell your self on line and make money on the internet.
Armand is coming back to Australia for a one-time only session of Armand Morin LIVE:

Sydney, Australia:
March 18-20, 2011
Click here to learn more and register and to claim your exclusive BUY ONE GET ONE FREE discount

That’s a 3-day interactive LIVE event with THE internet Marketing Guru Armand Morin for just $197 TOTAL!
With a 100% Satisfaction guarantee that if you are not thoroughly convinced that this event is worth every single cent of the tuition you paid, just let the crew know at the end of Day #1, and Armand will refund 100% of your money right on the spot!

That’s Armand’s personal promise.

Are you serious!?

Seats will not last long – Don’t miss this opportunity to learn:

* How to attract new clients as easy as flies to flypaper using ethical and ridiculously effective strategies, even in today’s skeptical, me-too world where some previously successful businesses are now dropping like flies themselves…
* How to extract surefire profit centers from your existing business or create new explosive ones by riding the latest trends…
* “Stealth marketing” tactics I use to locate and penetrate fresh, highly targeted, eager-to-buy markets…
* How to double or even triple your income in the same amount of time and with less effort, regardless of your experience (whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned pro, these are the same strategies I’d use if I had to start over from scratch)…
* Specific strategies that are nearly guaranteed to crank up your online income, recession-proof your business, and shield yourself from being “slapped” around or shut down whenever the rules of the game change…
* How to tap new, rich, overflowing sources of traffic using some of the newest and most underutilized online tools, and keep those visitors coming back to you over and over again with less work than before…
* And much, much more!


Give Armand Three Solid Days, And He’ll Show You:
The Exact, Up-to-The-Moment Strategies I Use to Build a Burgeoning $20,000,000-a-Year Business!
… And How You, Too, Can Easily Copy These Proven and Hugely Profitable Online Strategies to Transform Your Business And Rake-In Big Profits!

Sydney, Australia:
March 18-20, 2011
Click here to learn more and register and to claim your exclusive BUY ONE GET ONE FREE discount

But here are seven more important reasons to attend…
Armand Live!Reason #1:
You Get Not One, Not Two, But Three Solid Days of Education

During three solid days, Armand will be training you — from the moment the seminar starts to the very last minute when you leave — on the latest business breakthroughs and top marketing methods that are making real money right now. Even in today’s lousy economy! Walk away with real-world Internet marketing know-how.
Armand Live!Reason #2:
There Are No Other Speakers Except Me and My Team

Armand and his personal, core staff will be teaching you, personally, during the entire weekend. There are absolutely no other speakers, trainers, or salespeople pitching at this event. Get real-world, state-of-the-moment, timely training on what really works on the Internet – and what doesn’t work at all.
Armand Live!Reason #3:
Get Exclusive Training Never Revealed to The Public

He will also reveal some of my latest epiphanies, wildly successful “tests,” and proven marketing models that are profitable, ethical, and ignored by 99% of marketers. There are no underhanded techniques. You get powerful, bleeding-edge marketing tactics that will surprise even the most seasoned pros.
Armand Live!Reason #4:
Discover How to Excavate Untapped Marketing Goldmines

Speaking of test results, since my last Armand Live! event, I’ve been laboriously working in my “lab” like a mad scientist conducting marketing experiments, including Google Remarketing, Bing! advertising, Facebook Ads, and more. What I learned will shock you! At the next Armand Live! I will reveal my surprising findings.
Armand Live!Reason #5:
Learn How to Avoid The Crackdowns and “Slaps”

Lately, the hammer has come down on a lot of marketers. Some have lost entire livelihoods. You may have heard of the latest crackdowns by the FTC, credit card companies, Google bans, and more. I share the reasons, the pitfalls, and the ways to overcome one of the biggest shakeups in online marketing.
Armand Live!Reason #6:
Access New, Next-Generation “Secrets”

Think the Internet is the same as it was last year? Think again. Even in the last few months alone the Internet, web marketing, and online business have changed dramatically. At this three-day event, I share my latest test results, unique profit centers, and new business models that will put you way ahead of the pack.
Armand Live!Reason #7:
Best of All, Buy One Ticket and Get One FREE!

Unlike other events that cost thousands to learn outdated or unproven information, this unique, solid, three-day training experience is just a small $497 investment. Also, you can bring an extra person for free! If there are any must-attend events this year, this is the one. But remember, limited seats are available.
Armand Live!Bonus Reason: Help Us Educate The Developing World
World Teacher Aid aims to educate the developing world by building schools and hiring teachers in places like Kenya, Uganda, Ghana, and El Salvador. I’m a big believer in education, which is why 100% of ticket proceeds is going towards this charity.



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