9 May

I want to be a bit cheeky and ask you a question about your current financial situation…

Are you in a place right now where you want to attract more money into your life?

I know, kind of a silly question…after all, who doesn’t want more money?
But here’s a more important question…if there was something you could do right now that didn’t cost you anything that would attract more money into your life would you do it?
Carol Look Seminar Junkies Anonymous
Consciously I think we all answer this question with a big “yes” but do we all actually take the action to do something when we’re presented with a solution? (Probably not…)
Jessica Ortner offers an extremely simple solution for you today that doesn’t cost you anything and requires very little effort on your part.
Jessica has conducted an interview with EFT expert Carol Look the other day about how to use EFT to easily and quickly attract more money into your life.
The interview is FULL of information that is easy to understand and implement into your own life.
This is one of those situations where a simple solution that works is being shown to you on how you can attract more money into your life.
Please take a few minutes to watch the FREE video with Carol and Jessica. I know you’ll get tremendous benefit from it. You can see it here:
If you choose not to take my advice to watch the video interview I recommend taking a second to ask why that is.
Many of us have blocks, limiting beliefs and sabotage patterns that keep us from making more money. If you’re choosing to not click on the link you may be running one of those patterns.
If you can, overcome it and check it out. It will be worth it (plus Carol talks about some of those limiting beliefs and patterns that we have and how we can overcome them regularly in the video).
Dr. Carol Look is a success and abundance coach in the energy psychology field. Her specialty is inspiring clients to attract abundance into their lives by using EFT/ Meridian Tapping and the Law of Attraction to clear limiting beliefs, release resistance and build “prosperity consciousness.”
With a distinguished background in traditional psychotherapy, Carol discovered that combining energy healing methods with her classic training brought incredible results to her clients and unlimited success to her practice.
Before becoming an EFT Master, Carol was trained as a Clinical Social Worker and earned her Doctoral Degree in Clinical Hypnotherapy. Since discovering EFT, Carol has been a pioneer, bringing unprecedented innovations to the application of Meridian Tapping techniques, and publishing her work for the benefit of others.
A pioneer and leading voice in the EFT/ Meridian Tapping community, Carol is well known for her four seasons as an internet radio show host and as the author of the popular books, Attracting Abundance with EFT and Improve Your Eyesight with EFT (also available as e-books with companion audio recordings.)
Attracting Abundance with EFT
Click here to learn more…
Vibration of Abundance
She has also produced several audio CD sets and downloadable programs titled The Vibration of Abundance, Business Abundance Now, Pain Relief with EFT, Clearing Clutter with EFT, From Overwhelm to Clarity, and Eliminating Your Fear of Public Speaking, as well as DVDs on the topics of attracting abundance and healing pain and illness.
Clearing Clutter with EFT
Pain Relief with EFT
From Overwhelm to Clarity
Carol appears as a practitioner and energy therapy expert in the DVD documentary “The Tapping Solution” as well as in the documentary focusing on helping veterans suffering from PTSD, “Operation: Emotional Freedom.”

The Tapping Solution

Carol is also the author of two of the field’s classic training manuals, How to Lose Weight with Energy Therapy and Quit Smoking Now with Energy Therapy.
Carol has closed her private practice in order to focus on writing and recording new training products and teaching “live” EFT/Meridian Tapping workshops to practitioners and lay people around the world.
Eliminating Your Fear of Public Speaking

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