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Become a Key Person of Influence - LIVE Melbourne, January 2012 Seminar Junkies Anonymous

22 Dec

Key Person of Influence Melbourne 2012

The BEST event to launch your New Year!

Mark your calenders and reserve your seats! January 20 brings the team behind the remarkably successful ‘Key Person of Influence’ incubator, LIVE!
You do not want to miss this 8hr Brand Accelerator that is setting a new standard for what’s possible in small business.
This world class strategy day features 5 of the Australia’s top entrepreneurs and it covers a 5 step formula to becoming one of the most highly valued and highly paid people in your industry.
The clients who use this formula have experienced staggering results so far:

  • They created a powerful pitch and multiplied their revenue within months.
  • They published their ideas and started appearing in the media.
  • They converted their services into products which gave them more time.
  • They leveraged social media and now get international opportunities.
  • They did joint ventures and now clients show up ‘pre-sold’.

Simply put, their names come up in conversation – for the right reasons.
They attract better opportunities – that are perfect for them.
They make more money – and it isn’t a struggle.

And they have more FUN – because they LOVE what they do.


Don’t wait >> Earlybird tickets are selling fast, and seating is strictly limited. Click here to secure yours now >>


Are you standing on an unrealised mountain of value?

Do you have a product, service or idea that you believe more people should know about?

As we know, building a business you’re proud of won’t happen by itself. It takes preparation and design to get it right. Invest a day to work ON your business and set yourself up for your best year ever.


VIP Gold & Silver Tickets available as well as general admission – all with bonuses and amazing value!


Unclear on how to express your real value?


Most people don’t have a compelling answer to the simple question ‘What do you do?’ and it’s why most products, services (and people) remain undiscovered.
In today’s market, being remarkable is essential. If you don’t have an amazing pitch, regardless of how great your product or service is, you will always struggle.
Learn from author IAN ELLIOT (former Chairman and CEO of Australia’s most successful advertising agency, George Patterson).

Talented but stuck on the treadmill?

You need to PUBLISH your ideas

Constantly hunting for new business takes time, energy and focus away from the strategic shifts that make the difference and break the cycle.
Publishing’s ability to position you as a thought leader in your industry must not be underestimated if you want to spend more of your time on the ‘big picture’.
Australia’s #1 Small Business Author, Andrew Grifiths knows whether via a blog, articles or even a book, getting your ideas out there is one of the most powerful ways to stop chasing new business and to have it start coming to you. And it’s not as hard as you may think. Once you have a clear framework for your ideas, you will find it easy to start filling in the gaps.


Experiencing sales burnout?

You need a PRODUCT strategy

Marc Johnstone shares how Service providers typically swap time for money and spend much too much of their time on warming up prospects or following up with sales appointments.
Until you turn your soft skills and talents into tangible products, you will always have to show up to earn a living.

Feeling invisible?

You need to raise your PROFILE

Traditional media is expensive and social media can be complicated and time consuming. In a time where everyone is making noise about their business, standing out is tough – and it’s going to get tougher.
“Web Celeb” Kylie Bartlett shares how you can leverage the power of social media, in the ideas economy. What Google and the media say about you matters, because the most valuable thing you have is your reputation.

If you stop, will your business stop?


For the founders of most service businesses, they ARE the business. They sell, deliver and service by day, and do admin by night because they don’t know how to jump into the employ, outsource or partner model.
It’s referred to throughout the KPI community as ‘The Money Step’. It’s the step that will allow you to relax on holiday for a month without your business taking a nose dive. It’s where you start getting phone calls from other key players who invite you to ‘inner circle’ private dinners…the ones you didn’t know existed.
Best-Selling Author Daniel Priestly, shares how to achieve the ultimate goal and to package your value so others can leverage it. It’s only then that you will attract the key partners to your success.

To learn more about the speakers, get the 5 step sequence and secure your tickets, click here >>


Key Person of Influence Melbourne January 2012


20 JAN 2012


Don’t wait >> Earlybird tickets are selling fast, and seating is strictly limited. Click here to secure yours now >>

PS: The 20th of January is the perfect time of the year to work on capturing your value, expanding your brand and moving your business or idea forward however, you will only get access to early bird tickets and hundreds of dollars worth of bonuses if you act fast.

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