7 Sep

Michael Rowland DVD Being In Heaven
An unique and inspirational brand new Cinema Film for those interested in recreating any part of their life and awakening more of their potentials.
It is designed to reveal the mysteries of life transformation through its fascinating true stories. It is a fictional drama, not a documentary, and is unlike any other film you have seen.
Written and Directed by Michael Domeyko Rowland, the film is entitled ‘Being in Heaven’. It is a story that not only entertains in the way a normal cinema film does, but it also gives you insights and revelations about how anyone can transform their life forever.
It has been especially designed to allow you to experience, while you are actually watching the film, what it is within you that that drives your choices, behaviours and actions.
It is these programs that make up your life’s experiences, so understanding them is very valuable and is the key to recreating any part of your life to become what you want it to be.
As you may be aware, I spend my time examining and exploring a whole range of interesting ideas, looking for any ‘jewels’ that exist out there. This is one of the most exceptional ones I have ever looked at.
The response to ‘Being in Heaven’ has been amazing. At the film’s Byron Bay launch it sold out the largest cinema, with fifty more people turned away.
On the feedback sheets, 93% gave the film a rating from good to excellent. The film gained national release at Palace cinemas in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth, with more cities to come.
It was also an Official Selection into the 23rd Singapore International Film Festival.
I encourage you to click here and view the trailer and to see the SPECIAL OFFER on the DVD of the film, and its companion Audio CD set as well as the book, ‘The Real Law of Attraction’ by Michael Domeyko Rowland.
‘Being in Heaven’ is destined to become a classic in both the cinema and the self transformation movement. Many people have found it is a film they want to see again and again to imbibe its content and help them move forward with their lives.
Michael Rowland DVD Being In Heaven

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