3 May

Inner Guide Healing Brad Simkins
Have you ever had that feeling when you connect with someone, that it was preordained, you were just meant to know each other?
That’s the feeling that I felt when I first connected with Brad, although he was half a world away.
His encouragement and support has been inspirational and instrumental in helping me to recognize my unique gifts and define my life’s purpose.
From our childhood and throughout our lives we hear and wrongly accept false beliefs about ourselves. Our growth is stunted by insecurities, doubts and feelings of inferiority.
Brad’s divine purpose is to help others overcome those false beliefs, heal past wounds and support you, just as he has supported me on my journey to being a more confident, aware and whole individual.
Brad is your guide on this journey. No one else, not even Brad can do it for you, but he can walk with you along the route to peace and fulfillment.
Brad Simkins M.A, has been an executive director, professional parent, advocate and healer for more than thirty years. He is the Chief Counsellor for Inner Guide Healing.
Brad’s professional background and accomplishments are most impressive, including ARC Professional Parent of the Year!
Brad Simkins Inner Guide Healing
Masters Degree in Psychology, with emphasis in Child, Couple and Family Therapy, and Mental Health Counseling
Licensed LMHCA
Thirty years in the field of psychology, specializing in working with youth and families.
Founded and directed three non-profit agencies:
An advocacy program for adults with learning disabilities
A therapeutic horse ranch for at-risk youth
A homeless youth resource center and transition home for street kids.

Parenting Background
Proud parent of three biological children, one adopted son, and dozens of children-of-the-heart.
Foster parent for 23 years, specializing in high-risk, special-needs youth.
ARC Professional Parent of the Year, 1992, Utah chapter
“Book of Golden Deeds” Award from Exchange Club, Salt Lake City, Utah, 1998 for his work with homeless youth when he was executive director of the Homeless Youth Resource Center.

“the award is given to a person who gives to the community in a quiet manner. Simkins was honored for his effort.” ~ Desert News Article

Click here to read the Desert News article.

Radio interview, 2009
Debbie Edwards interviewed Brad on her internet radio show about “Healing and Therapy for Families in Crisis”
Click here to listen
Magazine article, 2010
“Universal Flashlights,” by Brad Simkins, New Spirit Journal, May 2010, page 19
Read this article and many more by clicking here.
Featured in “Street People: Case Histories of the Homeless” by Leslie Reynolds, published Aug. 30, 2001
Contact Brad to discuss how he can help you on your journey to realizing your divine purpose, by clicking here
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