27 Oct

21st Century Education Presents

Financial Education Summit Homestudy

“Discover the secrets to success from over a dozen of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs”

Over 50 Hours of content from the 21st Century Financial Education Summit A-List Speaker Line-Up*

Featuring an A-List Speaker Line Up

  • Sir Richard Branson *
  • Jamie McIntyre
  • Eric Bailey
  • Tim Ferriss*
  • Eddie McGuire
  • Jeff & Kane
  • Nik Halik
  • Greg Secker
  • Tom Hua
  • Daniel Kertcher
  • Brett McFall
  • Andrew Baxter
  • Louis Lautman
  • Harry Dent*

For the First 1000 buyers! Price: $295- + $15 p&h Click Here to Buy Now
RRP is $495


The Steps that Reveal How You Can Model The Mindset And Psychology Of Extraordinary Successful People To Produce Far Greater Financial Results
Master The Blueprint To Success; How To Profit Financially In The 21stCentury As An Investor And Entrepreneur
Breakthrough Business Tactics That Will Leave Your Colleagues In The Dust
Why Most People Fail Financially… And How To Avoid These Mistakes
How to Take Your Life, Business And Career To New Heights By Mastering Financial And Emotional Intelligence
Accelerate Your Levels Of Success And Implement The Latest And Most Cutting Edge Trading, Property And Business Strategies Available In The 21st Century

For the First 1000 buyers! Price: $295- + $15 p&h Click Here to Buy Now
RRP is $495



* Please Note Sir Richard Branson, Tim Ferriss & Harry Dent are still to be confirmed to be included in the DVD Pack due to licensing conditions. You hereby purchase this program knowing that they may not be included in the homestudy.

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