17 May

brendon Burchard
So many people I meet have brilliant ideas and information they should be sharing with the world but Information Marketing is a complete mystery to them and a lot of people. It can be incredibly daunting, not knowing where to start, when you have a alphabet soup of ideas floating ’round inside your head.
But when you discover there are only 12 kinds of products and programs you can create, it’s not so intimidating and you can finally tackle them to start making money and sharing your message.
Brendon Burchard just released a video on this, and it’s awesome:
Click here to view it.
Brendon really breaks it down, and explains the outline, process and MATH for making $100,000 a year with each product.
You’ll learn:
— The ‘Create Anything’ outline and script for creating your products
— 12 simple-to-create products and programs that bring in recurring revenue
— The MATH for how you can make $100,000 in 12 months with EACH of these products
— How you can win $1,200 just for posting a video of your story and advice
This all sounds high-strung, but the video nails it. It’s not hype, it’s a 50-minute value-packed training video!
Brendon is a #1 New York Times best-selling author, and he made over $4.6 million in his first 24 months following these strategies.
(This was before he was famous, back when he was broke and starting out. The path to wealth is clearly in product creation).
Brendon Burchard is a speaker and business consultant who is revolutionizing entrepreneurship and business with his amazing coaching programs.
Before conceptualizing the Total Product Blueprint, Brendon Burchard was already popular for his book The Millionaire Messenger. It reveals the basics of sending your message across to a wider audience and getting paid for all your efforts too.
Just like the Total Product Blueprint, he used this book to share the biggest secrets of the expert industry and show people how they can become influential experts through seminars, speeches, websites, books, and online courses.
He uses a systematic program to teach ordinary people how they can package their life story or triumphs into valuable advice in order to become experts in their preferred niche.
At some point, every “guru” or expert decides to monetize their knowledge via products and programs. The challenge is that our community often focuses so much on generic marketing strategies that few people really know exactly how to create AND market highly-lucrative products.
Brendon shows you how in this video, so check it out here now, before he pulls it down.
Enjoy the video. And take notes. Trust me, it’s worth the opt-in.
The Total Product Blueprint contains priceless information about the process of creating and selling information products. It also contains scripts, outlines, and samples of twelve different products that you can use to come up with an information product of your own.
Check it out by clicking here now – it’s FREE!
Now we’ve wrangled him into giving us some more training – at no cost!
He’s hosting a complimentary training webinar (not some big pitch webinar but real training) on Monday.
YOU can model his strategies!
I think it’s time to create your own products and programs based on what you know so definitely attend the webinar.
Brendon made $4.6 million in 24 months, with no employees, by creating:
— ebooks/books
— teleseminars and audio programs
— webinars and continuity/memberships
— speeches and seminars/live events
— online courses and dvd home study courses
— coaching/consulting and mastermind programs
LEARN his favorite 5 product creation and marketing secrets on this one-time only webinar:


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