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Presented by Christopher Howard.
Don’t bother coming unless you truly want to CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

I went to BTS with no pre-conceptions of what Chris had to offer and any expectations were based on my generally positive experience with Universal Events. I’ve been to enough courses that have made promises to break through barriers and transform my life, with minor impact, but Chris delivers and is in a league of his own.

Often seminars become addictive because of the “high” experienced while in a room full of motivated happy people, keen to learn from the benevolent “Guru” up-front. But that high more often than not, comes crashing down when you are faced with the day-to-day realities that brought you to the “life-changing” seminar in the first place.

Now, weeks later, I can honestly say that the uber-high experienced over the two and a half day event has not only lasted but has driven me to new heights. My mindset has positively shifted; relationships improved and my language is focused and deliberate.

Chris and his team openly use Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) throughout the seminar to encourage participants to confront their inner thoughts, fears and doubts and induce personal change. This is done through personal processes and games, which unlike many other transformation workshops, are quick and easy to replicate on your own, as the majority of activities are quiet and introspective.

BTS is like a weekend away at a Fun Park – it’s exhilarating but I came away from this event feeling as though I had been on an emotional roller coaster ride, through the horror-house, crazy mirror maze and out the other side refreshed, motivated and inspired.

To get the most out of this event, you really need to come with an open mind and be open to change.

I spoke with many attendees at the Brisbane event. All were positively overwhelmed by the BTS program, Chris and the crew. I was very impressed to find a number of repeat participants who had gained actual results with Chris in the past they were back for more, fine tuning of their development skills.

The worst thing I could say about BTS is that the breaks were too short considering the lack of facilities around the Brisbane venue (Mercure Hotel). Insufficient time was allowed to grab a coffee or something to eat.

It was certainly insufficient time to line–up for the toilets with the crowd who have been almost ‘peeing their pants’ with excitement, and get back in time, before they call your name so you can WIN FREE STUFF!
You could be lucky and win any of Chris’ packages, courses, and products up to the value of $13,099.

So what’s the catch? Keeping in mind that I attended this seminar for FREE, just as any of our Seminar Junkie can (click here). Well, of course they are selling you something…the next level, but the hard sell is surprisingly absent and participants are not pressured into purchasing. It’s not surprising that many do take advantage of “on-the-day” discounts and sign-up for Chris’ auxiliary courses as he provides so much value in this free event.
Ultimately the market determines a true test of a seminar’s value – it’s a FREE EVENT but would you spend your hard-earned cash on it?

I would gladly pay for this event and come away feeling as though I had more than certainly got my monies worth!

London, UK: 25 – 27 June, 2010
Copenhagen, DK: 17 – 19 Sep, 2010
Dublin, IE: 5-7 November, 2010

Unfortunately, Chris has finished his Australian BTS presentations for 2010. But it’s not too late to get your FREE tickets to Chris Howard’s latetst program WEALTH PROPULSION!
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