3 Jan

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What if you could build a legendary business that touched the lives of millions?

What if you knew how to systematically attract 100’s – even 1000’s – of hot new leads on demand?

And what if you could all this while working as little as 3 days a week….by using the latest business automation breakthroughs?….

If all this sounds exciting….then Business Breakthrough For The New Economy is for you.

That’s because at this exclusive one day event Dr Demartini and Dale Beaumont…will give you a foundation for your business…that you can build your own personal empire on.

And, they’re both eminently qualified to do this because of their track record of a combined 40 years in business…creating millions of dollars in revenue in each year…and living the global lifestyle of the “New Rich”….

But they certainly did not start of from ‘privileged positions’….

How Dr Demartini Went from ‘Beach Bum’
to a Global Business Empire…

At the age of 18 John was going nowhere…slowly!  He was a beach bum living on the streets of Hawaii.

Then one day he met Paul Bragg; the owner of an international health business.

Bragg helped John create a compelling vision of what was possible for his life.

And the rest as they say is history.  John became “Dr. Demartini” and what he’s done since has shocked the world.

Dr Demartini has taken the world by storm and….

Built a multi-million dollar business empirewith  partnerships on every inhabitable continent
Influenced over 2 Billion people in every corner of the world
Established a thriving Chiropractic clinic, that was literally overflowing with clients
Bought over 50 products to market covering every aspect of human development – from business to personal finance, to mindset and health.
Consulted with Wall Street financiers, Business ‘Royalty’, and celebrities worldwide who seek his financial acumen and wisdom

And at Business Breakthrough For The New Economy he’ll show you what he’s discovered about…

How to become independently wealthy through business….by unleashing your powerful vision on the world.   A step by step blueprint.
The Secret Behaviours, Habits, & Philosophies of Millionaire Entrepreneurs.  Discover the simple things they do differently each day…that the masses of ‘struggling’ business owners don’t.
The most important thing you need to do to build a business that runs without you. Without doing this you will be trapped in your business forever.  And no it’s not just creating systems. The good news is this only takes about 30 minutes to do.

And much more….in fact this day will be like a super business ‘multi-vitamin’… condensing the best of what Dr Demartini has learnt in business over 35 years…into one jam-packed day.

And just like meeting Paul Bragg was a radical turning point, for Dr Demartini, this day will be a financial turning point for you…when you act on what you discover.

But that’s not all..

Dr Demartini will be joined by his friend and colleague….Australia’s Next Generation Business Strategist…Dale Beaumont.

Dr Demartini has hand-picked Dale to speak with him at this one-time-only event…

That’s because Dale’s on the cutting edge of the latest automation breakthroughs to grow your business faster… while working as little as 3 days a week.

And, Dr Demartini knows you need to stay up to date with these new breakthroughs…if you want to build a vast fortune in this ‘digital age’.

This is proven by Dale’s track record of amazing results –  growing several million dollar businesses…all before age 30.

Dale Beaumont’s Track Record of Breakthrough Business Results…

At 19, he started his first business Tomorrow’s Youth International, an education company for young people. He worked with 25,000 teenagers across 6 different countries to change the course of their  lives for the better.
His next company was a Public Relations firm called Kapow Media. In 2 years he successfully generated his clients over $5 Million in free publicity.
He turned an innovative idea into a publishing company that sold over a quarter of a million books. He also authored 11 books in one year – a feat unrivalled by any Australian author.
Dale’s been featured on Sunrise, Today Show, Mornings with Kerri-Anne, Cheez TV, Ten News, ABC Radio, Radio 2UE as well as in over 100 newspapers and magazines, including Wealth Creator, My Business Magazine, AFR Boss and Virgin’s In-flight magazine.
He’s an active business educator. Over 180,000 people have watched his online videos and he’s recently started a new online business magazine called Business Blueprint, which has over 21,000 subscribers.
Sold 100’s of copies of a $1000 ‘how to’ information product online.
And he’s stayed on the cutting edge of new technology; developing over 60 websites and most recently his very own iPhone app.

All before turning 30!

But What Dale’s Really Most Proud Of…

Despite all these achievements, what he’s most proud of is that he hasn’t achieved all this working 16 hours a day. Because he’s worked ‘smart’ he’s still had an abundance of time to enjoy with his young family.

In fact he spends 3 months a year travelling the world. His son Finnegan has been to 26 countries – and he’s just 3 years old.

How Has Dale Achieved These Results?

Knowing that he’s built all these successful companies, close friends – many of whom are multi-millionaires themselves – often ask him:

“Dale, How Do You Do It?

We all have 24 hours in a day. How do you seem to get double as much done as the average person?

And Dale’s reply is:



Mercure Brisbane
85-87 North Quay
Brisbane QLD 4000
February 15, 2012
Rego time: 8:30am.
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Sydney Masonic Centre
66 Goulburn Street
Sydney NSW 2000
February 16, 2011
Rego time: 8:30am.
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Melbourne Convention Centre
1 Convention Centre Place
South Wharf VIC 3000
February 17, 2011
Rego time: 8:30am.
Event: 9am – 6pmClick here now to register for your FREE tickets.


Pan Pacific
207 Adelaide Terrace
Perth WA 6000
February 20, 2011
Rego time: 8:30am.
Event: 9am – 6pmClick here now to register for your FREE tickets.



At Business Breakthrough Dale will reveal the best of these ‘Business-Shortcuts…
For example, Dale will show you…

How to automate your business so you can scale up for massive growth…. while working as little as 3 days a week
How to create ‘5 Minute Business Systems’….so your business runs like a well oiled machine
Where to find the best Virtual Assistants….to help you grow your business for as little as $5 an hour!
How to attract literally 100’s of qualified leads through social media…get real results from social media instead of just being distracted.

But that’s just for starters.  Here’s a rundown of everything you’ll discover on the day.

Dr. John Demartini has spent 30 years working with multi-millionaires and ‘Super-Star’ Entrepreneurs.

In fact, he has a residence on the exclusive Cruise Ship ‘The World’ which has the highest proportion of Billionaire business owners per square metre on the planet.

And In this module he’ll share some of his discoveries such as…

The #1 thing you must do to free yourself from the invisible glass ceiling that puts a cap on your business income. Do this & you can literally double your income in the next 12 months.
How to ‘speak’ wealth into your life.  Millionaires speak differently than the average entrepreneur. Learn their secret language.
Explode your Productivity. Carry this simple pocket check-list so you never waste seconds (or dollars) again.
How millionaires REALLY view the LOVE of Money!
This may shock you.
Your daily habits may stop you attracting wealth. Adopt these 3 habits of high net worth entrepreneurs instead.
The 2 questions that determine whether you get paid a King’s ransom for what you do…or if you’ll just “get by.”  Ask the wrong question and struggle…or ask the right question and watch your income leap forward.
How to easily inspire people to become ‘committed’ partners in your business projects, visions or dreams.
The visualisation technique used by a media mogul to build a Billion Dollar empire. Other business owners and entrepreneurs have used this same technique to expand their circle of influence. Yet most people won’t try it because it sounds “too easy”

In this new era of rapidly moving technology you need to stay on top of the latest breakthroughs ….or you will be left behind.

That’s why you need to play close attention as Dale reveals…

The secret to putting the most important new business breakthroughs into action fast.  This way you stay ahead of the pack…and have a dynamic fast growing business.
The new place to go to find trusted suppliers, new clients, joint venture partners and even mentors to help you make quantum shifts in your business.
An ‘Accountability System’ to boost your business results by up to 700%.  Based on cutting edge research by the world famous Professor Robert Cialdini.
Dale’s personal “90-Day Action Plan” system.  Dale taught this to his client, Marc Kalme, and he said:

“I’ve Achieved More in the Past 90 Days than in the Previous 12 Months.”

How to avoid the deadly entrepreneur’s curse.  Stop trying to do everything and end up achieving nothing.  Discover how to make sure you’re focussing on the right thing.


In this module you’ll discover…

The easy way to bump up your Website Conversion by 30% or more.  Just use this simple website tool that hardly anyone knows about.
X-RAY Vision! How to know EXACTLY what prospects DO when they visit your site. Which pages they go to, what parts of the screen they look at and for how long.  Use this tool to  skyrocket your website conversion.
Which of the 3 most powerful FREE website platforms you should choose.  All of these have a built-in content management system (CMS) which means you’ll never be held to ransom by a website designer ever again. And the best part is…there all FREE!
Two simple tricks to slash your Google Adwords budget by up to 75%.  One of them involves adding a forwarding address on your domain name and split testing different URLs.
How to integrate your website with social media to drive floods of traffic back to your site….plus make visitors stay on your website much longer.
The best and worst email marketing and database systems. Dale has trialled 7 of the most popular and shows you which ones work best and why.
WARNING! What 4 things your marketing emails MUST contain to ensure that your emails never get tagged as SPAM or even worse blocked by the major Internet Service Providers (ISP’s)
How to get up to 30% more revenue each time someone buys from you… just add these 3 words.  Amazon, McDonald’s and GoDaddy all use this secret.

In this module with Dale you’ll discover…

How 4 of Dale’s clients have literally doubled their productivity through effective Outsourcing… in as little as 90 days. Find out how they did it.
The  “dangers” of Outsourcing. Dale explains all the potholes & roadblocks so you can avoid them.
The best and worst countries to get Outsourced staff from.  Dale shares his personal experience….and that of his close friend who has over 1000 staff working for him located all over the world.
How to hire a FULL-TIME Virtual Assistant (VA) for as little as $5 an hour. That’s around $200 per week! Sceptical? See you how it’s done right before your eyes.
How to know what activities you should do…and which you should outsource. Once you know this simple equation you’re income will soar.
How to take 6 weeks off…and still have your business run smoothly. I’ll show you how I did recently.
The secret of ‘5 Minute Business Systems’. Dale will build a complete business system before your eyes…and do it in under 5 minutes.

In this module you’ll discover

11 reasons why Video must be a part of your marketing mix.  One reason is that 52% of all web traffic is from video….so if you avoid video be prepared to slash half your online sales.
How to overcome the fear of talking to a camera.  You definitely don’t need Elle Macpherson looks or the charisma of Hugh Jackman to succeed at video marketing.
Why you don’t need a ‘whizz bang’ $2,000 camera.  In fact, the one Dale uses cost just $195.  You’ll get the exact model number and where to buy it.
How to create a professional marketing video – without the Hollywood budget. Dale will show you the cheap and easy way to do it.
How one of Dale’s videos got over 62,000 views on YouTube… all because he changed just 5 simple words in the description.  This led to over $200,000 in new product sales.
Which Social Media platform is best for your business? Is it Facebook? Linkedin? YouTube? Or Xing? Find out with this simple test.
The 5 Biggest Mistakes businesses make with Social Media – and how to make sure that you avoid them.
The one simple change that generated 843 new leads through Facebook in just one month.
How to protect your company’s reputation across all Social Media sites. Use this intelligent software tool to makes sure you’re the first to know about  any negative comments that affect you.

As you can see this is a jam-packed day…full of information you need to know….if you want to survive and thrive in this fast-changing digital economy….

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