5 Mar

I find myself conflicted sometimes by the mindsets behind the ideas of either sacrificing my daily cup of coffee and saving that cash which ultimately adds up VERSUS simply enjoying the daily grind and the five minute time-out it brings. Scarcity (or some would argue common-sense) vs. Abundance?
Should you sacrifice your half-caf grande, non-fat, mocha, soy, light whip specialty (Or however-you-want-it) coffee today?
Well Loral Langemeier says: “Of course NOT!”
Enjoy it. That little bit of money isn’t going to save you from whatever your financial situation is now. Is it!?!
If you think giving up the little things in life (or even the big things) that you really want will help, Loral can show you how to stop sacrificing and put more cash in your pocket — consistently, day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year.
Sounds good, right? Check this out:

Loral is an International speaker who can help you with your financial situation. She’s done it for thousands of people.
And she has offered my subscribers (YOU) one heck of a great deal (to go along with that grande frappuccino).
I’m excited to share this with you because this exuberant and completely enthralling woman is also known as “The Money Expert.”
Loral-Laingmeire Cash Machine Workshop
Loral’s been on countless TV and radio shows around the world, on stages with a number of the top motivational and financial wizards,
and she’s traveled the globe (she loves Australia) to bring GOOD NEWS to everyone!
Loral Langemeier is the best-selling author of ‘The Millionaire Maker’ series of books and ‘Put More Cash In Your Pocket.’
She’s one of the most down-to-earth money experts you’ll ever meet. And she GUARANTEES that you’ll make NEW money within three days at her ‘3-Days to Cash’ Workshop.

That’s right – you read it right… You’re guaranteed to make NEW money while you’re there!

Using your own skill set, you can build a profitable business doing what you already know how to do and make CASH in three days.
In Just 3 Day’s You Will Learn:

* How to Identify your Cash Machine (using skills you already have!)
* A realistic and clear sales process
* Strategic business and revenue modeling
* The 5 Steps to building your Cash Machine
* How to take action with your business plan
* Highly effective marketing strategies
* How to get on the money making Information Superhighway

And so much more!

Loral’s ‘3 Days to Cash’ Workshop (aka Cash Machine Workshop) is an
innovative entrepreneurial program – by the time it’s over you’ll have a business ready to go and money you’ve already earned from it.
You will discover, step-by-step, how to build a business (of your own choosing) and be able to earn more money than you are now! (Enough that you could pay your new car payment or mortgage, or more!)
This is not a “sit back, listen and take notes” seminar. This is a real hands-on workshop lead by Loral, the Money Maker, and her dream team of entrepreneurial educators.
The best news?
Loral is offering YOU, as one of my subscribers, $1,000 OFF the price of regular admission!
On top of that you’ll get thousands of dollars more in bonuses when you attend.
The Cash Machine Workshop is the way to your future!
As Loral would say, “Ready? Go!”
Loral-Laingmeire Cash Machine Workshop
Loral Langemeier – 3 Days to Cash Preview
Tuesday September 20, 2011
7:00PM – 9:30PM
6:30PM Registration
Hilton on the Park
192 Wellington Parade, East Melbourne
Click here for full details and your FREE Tickets
Loral Langemeier – 3 Days to Cash Preview
Wednesday September 21, 2011
7:00PM – 9:30PM
6:30PM Registration
SMC Conference & Function Centre
66 Goulburn Street, Sydney
Click here for full details and your FREE Tickets
Loral Langemeier – 3 Days to Cash Preview
Thursday September 22, 2011
7:00PM – 9:30PM
6:30PM Registration
Venue: TBA
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Sydney, Australia:
March 10 – 12
Venue: Kirribilli Club, 11 Harbourview Crescent, Lavender Bay 2060
Reserve your spot early! (I’m not exaggerating) click here to claim your exclusive discount!
These are phenomenal events but “seats” are limited because there’s a lot of one-on-one time involved in getting YOUR individual plan worked out in detail.
Don’t miss out on this awesome opportunity and incredible discount!

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