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Webinar | Seminar Junkies Anonymous

8 Mar
T Harv Eker

What type of career advice did you get when you were a kid?   It seems like most people I know were told to consider two things when evaluating careers: earning capacity and job security.   Whether or not you actually *like* what you do? Totally irrelevant. If you found a job you loved, great. Otherwise, the advice I’d get was “quit complaining and be grateful you have a job.”   If you can identify with what I’m saying, there’s a free teleseminar coming up that you should sign up for …   “Monetize Your Passion: Simple Strategies for... 

29 Jan

  Discover How to Grow Your Small Business Revenue at Small Biz Success Summit 2012 (Fully Online Conference) Have you heard the buzz about Small Biz Success Summit 2012–the web’s largest online social media marketing conference just for small businesses?   PROOF SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING WORKS:   Two years ago Michael Stelzner started a blog for marketers and small business owners called Social Media Examiner. His mission was to create outstanding content and enable readers to spread the word with social media.   He had practically no budget–just a dream. Now, two years... 

20 Sep

After years of working toward living your dream, do you ever feel like something is still missing? Do you ever wonder if you’re really headed in the right direction, and if you are, why you haven’t gotten “there” yet?   If this sounds familiar, I’ve got great news for you.   On Wednesday, Sept 21st at 6:00pm (USA Pacific), the amazing Mary Morrissey, a world-renowned author, speaker and consultant who has helped thousands of people to build and harvest their dreams, is hosting a F.R.E.E. teleclass entitled…   “3 Simple Secrets to Discovering and Living Your Dreams... 

16 Sep

  Have you heard the buzz about Facebook Success Summit 2011—the web’s largest online Facebook marketing conference?   Before I tell you how this virtual summit will help your business attract great customers and prospects, gain a unique competitive advantage, and measure your Facebook marketing results, let me share a story with you.   PROOF FACEBOOK MARKETING WORKS…   About a year a half ago Michael Stelzner (founder of Social Media Examiner) started a Facebook page for his blog that targeted marketers and small business owners. He also integrated core Facebook functionality... 

19 Aug
NLP MindFest

If the mogul had a secret to his wealth…   It would be…3 simple letters   3 letters to make it easier for you to love, prosper, heal, and thrive   3 letters to conquer fear, doubt, sabotage, and being broke   Introducing:   N∙L∙P Mindfest An online festival of powerful change and achievement   Yours absolutely free – no strings attached!   Those three letters—NLP—stand for Neuro Linguistic Programming, which is a powerful and elegantly simple way to get your mind to do what you want! It has been called the Science of Achievement.   NLP... 

20 Jul
EverythingIS EnergySummit

  What if in 5-minutes You Could Transform Your Life Forever?   What if Oprah, Eistein, Deepak Chopra, Dr. Oz, Michael Beckwith and countless others were right?   What if You Could Gain Access to an Endless Supply of Energy and Fulfillment in Your Life Effortlessly?   What I’m about to share with you is the truth and it’s not only right in front of you, it is you. You may at first be skeptical, but when you try it (even just ONCE) you’ll never be able to refute it.   In just five minutes of experiencing this, you’ll realize it’s a true key to life!   Click... 

3 Jun

I received an email yesterday that I have to say, that took me completely by surprise.   It was about an 80 year old man who just before his 80th birthday wrote multiple novels, started a multi-million dollar online business, became a successful painter and an exhibited photographer!   I thought.. “How cool!” But recognized that just 1 of those accomplishments is often more than many achieve in a lifetime.   It’s incredibly impressive and made me hope that I would still have the same fire and ambition when I’m 80. I’ve always embraced life and even... 

28 May
Ultimate Mens Summit free online forum

  We are living through one of history’s great transitions – a major shift in social and cultural consciousness where institutions and structures of the past have been turned on their heads.   Men seem to be caught between these two worlds: the old culture for which we’ve been trained, and the emerging culture we have yet to be prepared for.   Our answer is to bring together as many men as possible into deep conversation with experts and each other to engage in this emerging model of 21st Century Masculinity, which builds upon the masculine virtues of the past to create... 

24 May
Online Income - Video

  Frustrated with the painfully slow progress you’re making trying to build a reliable income online?   Overwhelmed with the amount of work you have to do each day for your online business?   Or are you just plain exhausted… from trying to juggle building your business while working a day job?   Well today can lead to all of this changing for you in a very short period of time, which starts right away…   When you meet “the guru to the Internet business gurus”… Rich Schefren.   Based on Rich’s experience helping thousands of...