8 Mar

What type of career advice did you get when you were a kid?
It seems like most people I know were told to consider two things when evaluating careers: earning capacity and job security.
Whether or not you actually *like* what you do? Totally irrelevant. If you found a job
you loved, great. Otherwise, the advice I’d get was “quit complaining and be grateful you have a job.”
If you can identify with what I’m saying, there’s a free teleseminar coming up that
you should sign up for …
“Monetize Your Passion: Simple Strategies for Earning Money & Achieving Financial Freedom
Doing What You Love”
 T Harv Eker

A Warp Speed Success Teleseminar
Thursday, March 15th, 2012
6 pm Pacific / 9 pm Eastern

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During this call, T. Harv Eker, the founder of Peak Potentials Training, will interview
business coach and motivational speaker Sam Crowley. Sam’s the founder of Every Day Is Saturday, a company that guides other entrepreneurs in monetizing their passion, so they can enjoy complete time and money freedom.
During this hour-long teleseminar, Harv and Sam will discuss the common roadblocks that prevent most people from following their passion … and the critical mental shifts you must make to monetize your passion.
Tune in to discover:
* The 2 key ways every significant experience in your life can be leveraged to create money
* The best strategy to use to minimize your risk if you want to transition from a job to
being self-employed
* How to naturally attract attention and gain a following (hint: this is a remarkably simple strategy … yet most people aren’t willing to change the status quo to become
this type of individual)
* 2 ways to protect yourself from negativity when you can’t feasibly end a toxic relationship (say, with a relative or your boss)
* What to clarify before you start networking (this simple shift can open the doors to
connecting you with even the “big hitters” in your industry)
* The only 2 reasons that people change … and how to leverage both to monetize your passion
* And much more!
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I don’t know about you, but I believe that abundance means more than having a lot of
money. Yes, money is an important tool to have, and it makes life easier. But focusing only on financial wealth at the cost of passion and happiness is a recipe for disaster.
If you’re committed to following your passion and creating a life that is rewarding on all fronts, reserve your place now on this free call.
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P.S. Life is too short to waste 40+ hours a week engaged in work you don’t like. If
you’re feeling bored, unfulfilled or downright depressed about going to work every day, do whatever it takes to be on this call.
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