28 Jul

He’s been heralded as the ‘Indiana Jones Of Whole Food Medicine’ because Don Tolman has helped thousands of people world wide with what most Doctors would call ‘healing miracles’ through exploring the diets and simple nutritional habits of ancient civilizations and communities.

Don’s helped people to remiss terminal cancer, regenerate limbs (that’s right – you read it correctly – limb regeneration!), achieve fantastic health after major accidents, and more. Yet he uses no special pills, potions or capsules… just the profound wisdom of nature which he discovered through an intense, passionate search around the world over the last 40 years for the truth.

Don is frequently featured in the media around the world and has appeared on Today Tonight, Mornings With Kerri-Anne, Good Morning America, Fox News, USA today, NBC, The New York Times and More. He has over 50 radio appearances a year worldwide, and is the author of the extra-ordinary book series, The Farmacist Desk Reference.

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Don reveal’s the wisdom that he discovered in an extensive search for the truth about health across 33 countries, ancient texts and closely guarded religious collections, interviews with tribes and secret societies where he learned the most phenomenal information passed down only through oral traditions (and more!)…

In the Farmacist Desk Reference you’ll learn:
• The root cause of all major diseases, and how to heal them naturally… for good.
Don will give you the information to potentially eliminate any symptoms, illness or disease you may currently have, and prevent any illness and disease in the future. (And you’ll understand why Don never gets sick)

• Learn why it was commonplace for communities like the Ancient North Americans & Incans to live to 120 years old and beyond. This information will also allow you to potentially slow down and even reverse the aging process.

• Mind-blowing Egyptian wisdom of limb regeneration and explore how a young boy proved these techniques to be 100% in the modern day world

• Why people get the flu as part of the body’s natural process… and why the flu epidemics are being artificially caused.

• Find out the simple yet profound life rituals that Don uses every day to prevent disease.. and how you can too!

• Learn about the amazing, every day foods which target weight loss, remiss symptoms of heart disease, quickly relieve eczema, psoriases and other skin conditions, can turbo-boost your brain power, cleanse and rejuvenate your body, rapidly build lean muscle mass for body builders, repair your vision naturally… and more!

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Don regularly travels to Australia and presentsTHE ANCIENT SECRETS OF HEALTH which is designed to give you the most profound insights about the forgotten secrets of health .. including NEVER BEEN RELEASED information. So keep an eye out for his next trip down under!

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