6 Feb

E2E Circle with Maggie Landman

Different forms of healing essences have been around for hundred of years.

All essences have different vibrational frequencies.maggielandman

The Earth2 Essences have a very high frequency and they are here now to assist us and the earth in raising our vibration to evolve.

The best way to experience these subtle yet powerful essences is to attend my workshops.

Earth2 Essences Circle

At this half day event you are able to experience one of the essences you require now.

You will feel its gentle yet powerful energy.

This will be a complete and gentle healing.

You will also learn about their journey to this earth and how to use them to heal you and the earth.

NO Pre-requisite required – everybody welcome


E2E Circle with Maggie Landman

WHEN: Sun morning Feb 12

9.15am for a 9.30am sharp start till 12

Energy Exchange : $65

WHERE: Perfect Liberty Centre Chapel 76 Dairy Swamp Rd, Belmont



PLUS – If you introduce a friend to the Earth2 Essences Circle, you receive the extra gift of an Earth2 Essences to take home.

YOU NEED TO BRING – your sense of adventure, cup for a hot drink, bottle of water, cushion, blanket, socks if cool, pen and journal. No perfume or aftershave please.

This is not a follow on Circle, each session will be individual

To book phone/email Maggie Landman (07) 3396 92 03

Email: maggie@maggielandman.com

‘seeing disharmony on the earth and correcting it to create peace’


Cancellation policy: If I cancel a workshop a full refund is given Your non-attendance – you will be offered a place in the next available workshop (fee non-refundable) Please allow enough time to arrive promptly for all sessions so as to honour the group by not disturbing others.

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