20 Aug

If I asked you to stand up in front of a group right now and speak in front of them would you be nervous and anxious?
Do you ever have to speak in front of others in your life today or have you ever had to speak in front of groups in the past?
Speaker Secrets Exposed
Public speaking is the #1 fear of all people, even above the fear of death…
There’s a joke from the popular sitcom Seinfeld that says that “people are more afraid of giving the eulogy at a funeral then they are of being in
the casket!”
If you want to understand why this fear is so strong in our society and what you can do to never be afraid to speak in public again I suggest watching the video on the page below.
The video is another preview video from the Tapping Experience live event that took place a few months back.
This preview video in particular not only does some spectacular tapping that you can get results
with on the spot like the first two…
it also shows more of the instructional side of this event which is miraculous for helping you learn EFT effectively so you can use it well for both yourself and to help others if you want to.
I suggest watching the video and I definitely recommend getting the DVD set for yourself so that you can see the entire event.
Here’s the link to see the video on eliminating your fear of public speaking:


And here’s the link to learn about the entire event and how you can see the whole thing on DVD or streaming through the web:


Enjoy the videos and make sure to leave your comments on what you think.  🙂
P.S. – Also, please note that this DVD set is being sold at a discounted rate until next Friday the 26th as part of its release.
You’ll be able to get it after the 26th…but for $100 more.  It’s worth getting now, especially since there’s a 90 day money back guarantee.
Learn more about that and pick up the set here:



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