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Experience Miracles in 2011! Seminar Junkies Anonymous

29 Nov

Margaret M Lynch has created a special class so you can Experience Miracles in 2011!

Tapping for Miracles in 2011!

Go here and check out all the details now!

Margaret spent the last couple of months soul searching and researching the subject of miracles and discovered some very interesting things.

Most importantly is this: Your ability to ask for, receive, allow and even SEE miracles will
take you light years beyond where you can go with your will power and hard work alone.

But this ability is limited by our programming!

In this special class you will find and clear your programming around infinite possibility, connection to the Divine, and your worthiness for miracles AT EACH CHAKRA!

Check out all the details by clicking here now!

7 classes clearing all 7 chakras.

PLUS: given the serious and spiritual nature of subject, Margaret has a very special guest star joining her in each class! The special guest will perform a special energy “blessing” for each chakra to end each class with a a powerful clearing and spiritual boost!

Listen to what Margaret has discovered about Miracles and why this is so important by clicking here.

Here are just some of Margaret’s goals for you in this class:
==> Start experiencing miracles right now, REAL in your life, your business, your relationships

==> Find a deeper and personal connection with the God of your understanding so you can finally TRUST yourself and your life purpose.

==> Know from the moment you wake up that you are worthy of miracles in the eyes of the universe…and say yes to them!

==> Know that YOU are a miracle and your mission IS to bring your miracle to the world

==> Start asking for and creating miracles fearlessly in your life business, even your money.

==> Put in LESS effort and striving for money and success and experience unexpected miracles supporting you.

Blessings and Miracles!

PS here is the link again to check out the cool details on this new class..and the special guest!

PPS here is the free tapping script in case you missed it last time!

========Miracles Tapping Script==================
I want MIRACLES in 2011
…and that includes money!

Karate Chop Point:
Even though the truth is that one of the big miracles I want this year is money, and I’m not sure how I feel about that, I’m not sure how God/The Divine would feel about that, I’m open to releasing all my negative judgments about money.

I’m open to allowing money to be a miraculous swirling, nurturing, flow in my life. Money has been flowing through my life in a trickle. I’m now allowing it to be a river.

Even though ‘miracles’ is a really big word, I’m open to being a miracle in my own life.
I’m open to being the miracle in other people’s lives.

Even though ‘miracles’ really seems like a stretch, I’m open to widening my view and suddenly seeing miracles unfolding all around me, in every smile, in every sunset, and every person.

Even though it’s hard to believe in miracles, I’m open to seeing the miraculous things that have already happened in my life,how far I’ve come, how much I’ve manifested.

Tap Through the Points Your Favorite Way:

One of the miracles I want this year is money,

And I have a lot of judgments about that,

And I worry God/Divine has those same judgments.

That is is wrong to ask for miracles in my money I’m ready to let go of that pretty bold assumption,

That I know the mind of God/the Divine and I’m now open to allowing money,


to be a miraculous flow in my life,

Flowing and swirling and nurturing me,

Flowing in and out of my life.

Through money I’m connected to millions of people.

I’m connected through giving and receiving.

I connected through exchange of buying and selling

I’m connected through our time and energy value!

Money connects millions of people across the world. all trading in their energy
using the currency of money!

I’m open to letting that swirling energy

Flow into my life like a river.

And I’m open to being a walking, talking miracle myself.

I’m open to being the miracle in my own life.
I’m open to being the miracle in the lives of others.
A miracle of self-acceptance,
A miracle of self-love,
A miracle of abundance,
Letting everyone around me feel that miracle too.
I’m open to all miracles showing up.
Little miracles,
Big miracles,
Miraculous, divine, inspired miracles.
and even everyday miracles.
I am now open to widening my view
And seeing miracles unfolding everywhere.
The miracle of every blade of grass,
Of every hug offered, given and received
And in that moment
I commit
That I will now pause
And allow that miracle
To wash over me,
Electrify me,
Inspire me,
Mind body and soul.
It’s 2011 and I am totally wired for miracles.

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