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One of the main missions of this challenge is to learn how to overcome that evil “P” Word…PROCRASTINATION.
It’s evil because it not only robs us of precious time but you are also unconsciously and sometimes even consciously aware of it and feel guilty for it.
John Assaraf & Natalee-Jewel
As much as you may dread the task we’re avoiding, putting it off rarely provides much relief. You know you’re just delaying the inevitable – sometimes with serious repercussions.
John Assaraf has just released a very fitting video called the “The Key To Overcoming Procrastination”. Check it out as John succinctly explains it all.

So don’t forget to factor John’s suggestion into your “chunking” structure and prioritization to help you minimize the time spent procrastinating.
 Dale Beaumont & Natalee-Jewel
We’ve talked about the importance of systems and structure with Dale Beaumont before but even with all of those things in place I still believe you can be confronted with procrastination.
One of the major challenges with overcoming procrastination is that there’s no single cause, and therefore no single solution.
The key to moving beyond procrastination is learning how to clearly identify what particular type of procrastination plagues you. That way you can focus on the appropriate course of action.

Here are 5 common causes of procrastination and strategies for conquering them:

IMPERATIVE: Doing your tax, Paying bills, cleaning the garage, washing dishes just aren’t fun but they simply have to be done, or the debt collectors start chasing you or you end up on that TV show “Hoarders” with your garbage falling out into the street!
One strategy I’ve found particularly useful for completing “dreaded” tasks is to just chose one per day and get it done as your first order of business. Why first? Because saving dreaded tasks until last is great incentive to never get all the way through your list and it keeps them from taunting you the rest of the day. Instead you will feel the “high” of accomplishment with that weight lifted off you.
EVEREST: Complex projects or tasks that have many stages can be incredibly overwhelming and instead of taking the first step you end up taking none! The key to overcoming this is to break up larger projects into smaller, more manageable chunks. Just like our challenge in general – apply the same principals to each individual task.

By breaking them down you will be able to see more clearly the mole hills through the mountains.
Even tasks that aren’t particularly difficult sometime “seem” that way when you try juggling all the steps in your head.
Grab a sheet of blank paper and start listing all of the steps necessary for completing the project. Then identify JUST THE NEXT step. Finally, begin with that step. If you focus on the whole process it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Remember one step at a time!
AVOIDANCE: Whether its fear, grief, resentment, or whatever, emotional obstacles are barriers that will always hold you back, until you decided to cross them.
Gaining traction on emotionally charged tasks is particularly difficult but can often be the most rewarding. It frees us up to build better relationships.

Yesterday I received the following Message From The Universe (AKA Mike Dooley):

Think of every single thing that you “have to” do to get through a day, Natalee-Jewel, as things you “get to” do… before your turn is over.
Everything’s a gift,
The Universe

This was a great mind shift for me (Thanks, Mike).
ENERGY: Probably the most underappreciated, but very real reason many people fail to get started on projects is that they’re just too tired. There’s so much to do, so much going on, so many things vying for your attention; life in the modern world can be exhausting.
It’s imperative to rest, exercise, and maintain a healthy diet. If you want to run at full capacity, you have to be well rested, hydrated and present. Tackling projects when you’re mentally or physically fatigued can directly affect your judgement and performance.
The Silva Method Meditation
Postponing a task to take time out to rejuvenate the mind, body and soul is NOT procrastination. Often the time spent on recharging yourself is less than the time it takes to correct the mistakes made while proceeding under the influence of sleep deprivation and fatigue.

Some tasks are just too much for you to handle yourself; others require expertise you simply don’t posses; or maybe you’re just not any good at it. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.
As admirable as the pioneering spirit is, asking for help is sometimes the only way to get some things done.
As I mentioned in DAY 1 of the Focus-Challenge, my car broke down. Instead of wasting time trying to figure out what was wrong with it and trying to fix it myself, I called the towing company and my mechanic and told him it was on it’s way!

We all have special gifts and talents and if fixing cars is one of yours – good on you! It certainly isn’t one of mine. Instead I have the ability to know when to ask for help.
There’s nothing wrong with asking for help, as long as you ask the right person for help. If you don’t know anyone in your circle that can assist with the task you are struggling with – ask your friends on Facebook – post that you need a hand or ask for recommendations. If it’s a private matter you don’t want your friends to know about, either be a little discrete or creative with your question or simply GOOGLE IT!

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