12 Jun

Just because the challenge is almost over, it doesn’t mean you don’t have to stop implementing the tips of the Focus Challenge in your everyday life.
How’s that productivity working for you?
Yesterday we discussed how sometimes something is lost in an environment of manic productivity: learning.
These busy days, we rarely thoughtfully analyze our experiences; evaluate how the outcomes of our decisions affect our future choices; and how it require us to slow down. Unless we factor time in, we reflect less and limit our growth.
Sadly, it’s only when our lives are forcibly disrupted that we slow down long enough to learn. An illness, a job loss, the death of a loved one — they all compel us to stop, think and evaluate. But those are unwelcome disruptions. Hopefully, they don’t occur often.
I believe it is more productive (and emotionally healthy) if we can learn continuously without forced disruptions. If only we could disrupt ourselves for a few moments every day in order to think and learn? Ahh Haa!
We’ve talked about taking 5 minutes to reflect at the start and end of your “working” day. But it occurred to me that this is not always the best time or place to do your best thinking.
Consider where you do your best thinking and make it a habit to go there daily.

Maybe it’s a walk on the beach or in your garden? Maybe you have a favourite chair or room where the light is perfect and you feel comfortable and can get quiet. For me it’s the shower. For some of my friends I know it is when they go for a run. Wherever your special place may be make a habit of spending time there everyday if possible or at least once a week.
habits-arent-just-for-nuns-BOOK-Robyn PulmanI am reading a few books at the moment, including Dr. Stephen R. Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People’s Daily Reminders,
But my favourite book of the moment would have to be Habits Aren’t Just For Nuns by Robyn Pulman. As the name suggests it’s about the value of creating winning habits.

Every single day our habits determine our effectiveness or ineffectiveness and say much about our values and character.

Habits Aren’t Just For Nuns has been the most complimentary book to this Focus Challenge week for me as it has reinforced the importance of wisdom, allowing, courage, reciprocity, character and of course discipline.
How have your habits changed due to the FOCUS Challenge?

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