29 Jul

This is not a normal free 2 day event.

First of all, it’s FREE! But also, this is one main speaker sharing for two days flat out, giving away hours and hours of invaluable information, strategies, tools and tips.
Click here to learn more and book your FREE tickets fast because I have just been told that there are less than 100 seats available.
This is big, this is intense, the days are long, the topics are full on and this will take you inside the world of property development like no other free event can.
The Secret Millionaire, Carly Crutchfiled has never given away this much free information about property and development.

For 2 full days Carly Crutchfiled will be presenting a Property Development Workshop that takes you through the

7 stages of property development and covers the strategies in depth.

Over two days you will learn:

  • How to find the good development sites – where are they and how to be the first to find them

  • How to properly research the suburb and potential development

  • Understanding and reducing the risks of development

  • Doing financial feasibilities to determine the profit level

  • What financial options are available to you – there are more than you may think

  • Getting Planning permission and Council approvals

  • Successfully managing construction and trades

  • Selling – how to make sure that you secure your end profits in the least amount of time

  • Joint Ventures – how they work to open up a whole new world of possibilities

  • Real Deals – learn from previous deals that people have done using the strategies Carly will be teaching

You would be crazy to miss this opportunity!


This event is only scheduled for Sydney and there is only one planned for this year. Lock in the dates in your diary now, grab some family and friends while there are still some seats available and BOOK IN.


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Don’t live in Sydney? Book a flight, crash at a friends house and come to this event!


Click here to learn more about the event that can possibly change your life – like it has done for so many others.

Date: August 20 & 21
Venue : Kirribilli Club, North Sydney
Time: 9am – 7pm
Registration: 8.30am

Click here to learn more and book your FREE tickets.


BONUS: Every attendee will receive a free feasibility calculator that you will be taught how to use over the weekend.

Here is what some attendees have to say about CCORP property development events:


“Life Changing! I am going to apply everything I have learnt to my life, I am   going to make the most of it” H Kiggins


           “If you want to change your life, this is the place to start” W. Abrahmp


          “Wow – I didn’t realise my brain would take so much info. Thanks heaps for the knowledge and enthusiasm.” B. Notman


          “Awesome, educational and inspiring” C. Oddy


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