1 Jun

Part 1 of Andy Jenkins’ new “Video Boss” series got OVER 2,000 comments from folks who AGREE we NEED video to continue to thrive online.video marketing online

The most common question: “Where do I START!?”

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Andy obviously listens because today he released a Five-Step Formula he calls “Little Boss”… for FREE!
No script, no problem.
Face “made for radio”?
No need to get on EITHER side of a camera!
That’s right, if you’re on a computer that can read this email, chances are that is all you need to FINISH your first attention-arresting, sale-getting, cash-collecting Video.
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WARNING: This Formula compresses decades of video and sales experience into a system that doesn’t just make videos – It makes AWESOME videos. And ANYONE can do it.
Ready to revolutionize and future-proof the way you market you products and services?
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Video 2 is Pure Content, and it teaches how to make a video that SELLS
Video 2 will show your people a 5-Step Formula for quickly creating videos that engage the “Buying Brain” of a prospect.
Learn:online video marketing
How to create videos scripts on the fly.
The best way to find and use graphics and animation
How to create visual energy and HOOK viewer attention
How to make video without setting foot in front of a camera
How to close the customer WITHOUT Pitching…
WARNING – This is a FULL ON Tutorial – No shady teaser content here. This free-line content will TRULY help!
Learn how, right now, right here!

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