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Harry S. Dent Jr Seminar Junkies Anonymous

15 Jun

Founder and CEO HR DentHarry S Dent Jr
Using exciting new research developed from years of hands-on business experience, Harry S. Dent, Jr. offers a refreshingly positive and understandable view of the economic future. As a best selling author on economics, Mr. Dent is the developer of The Dent Method – an economic forecasting approach based on changes in demographic trends.
In all of his past books since 1989, Dent saw an end to the Baby Boom spending cycle around the end of this decade.
In his book, The Great Depression Ahead, (Free Press, 2009), Harry Dent outlines how this next great downturn is likely to unfold in three stages, with an interim boom stage between 2012 and 2017 before the long-term slowdown finally turns into the next global boom in the early 2020s. In his book The Great Boom Ahead, published in 1992, Mr. Dent stood virtually alone in accurately forecasting the unanticipated “Boom”.


Harry Dent – the man who predicted the 2008 Global Financial Crisis 10 years before it happened – regarded by many as the most accurate long term economic forecaster in the world is coming to Australia with an important message for all aspirational Australians…


The Shocking Truth All Business Owners And Investors Need To Know To Turn This Economic Downturn Into Cashflow And Secure Personal Wealth


  • Global stock markets and real estate are set to crash simultaneously
  • Traditional safe haven investments of gold and silver set to fall from all time highs
  • Unsustainable global debt levels to drive entire sovereign nations into bankruptcy
  • Despite the gloom, there are investment safe havens known to savvy investors
  • The opportunity of a lifetime awaits savvy business owners who prepare NOW


Most investors and business owners are totally unprepared for an economic downturn-but history proves this is the time when REAL fortunes are made- You will learn the insider secrets to thriving in a downturn at the ‘Secure The Future’ 2011 three day super conference.


Secure the Future 2011


Sidestep the coming global economic fallout AND position yourself for the greatest buying opportunity of a lifetime.

Can you imagine if two years from now,property prices dropped 25% in Australia and did not recover for over a decade? Sounds impossible doesn’t it. But in Japan, property prices dropped over 60% and have stayed flat as a pancake for over a decade. Do you know why?
Can you imagine if the capital gains your property achieved in the last boom were quickly eroded, to the point that your mortgage was now higher than the value of your home? Sounds impossible doesn’t it. But that’s exactly what has happened in America.
Imagine if you could have accurately predicted the 1987 stock market crash? Do you think you could have made some money, or saved some heartache? What if you knew a property boom was right on its tail? Bet you could have made some money there too.
That was the question on Harry Dents mind in the aftermath of the devastating 1987 Stock market crash. Harry Dent stumbled onto an idea. “what if the ups and downs of the economy were linked to demographics?
What if the rise and fall of economies were connected to the age of the population, the size of the workforce, the number of young children in the average family, how many young adults are in school or university and how many people were moving into retirement?
He thought “What if you could measure all of these things and know with absolute certainty what will happen next in the economy?
If the mega wealthy had created their wealth on the back of economic opportunities driven by demographics – then what would this knowledge mean for the wealth creation potential of everyday families?
So He pulled together a team and they got to work. But there was a problem. His research on demographics and spending patterns were leading to predictions on the future of the economy that were the complete opposite of many of the predictions of the most respected economist on the planet.
Could they really be this wrong – are the economists really so out of touch? Surely there must be a mistake. He and his team poured over the research, agonizing on their findings until they were convinced.
In 1988 Harry Dent made his first bold public prediction – Japan was about to slide into a long term recession that would last decades. He predicted their Real Estate market would crash along with their stock market and more- he said they would not recover for decades.
He made these predictions based solely on the aging Japanese population. A population that slipped into retirement in the early 1990’s – twenty years ahead of most economies in the western world…
At the time, he was ridiculed – everybody knew Japan was the new rising star and that it was going to overtake America as a global economic superpower for decades to come.
But Harry Dent was right.

You will discover what Harry Dent knew then, and find out what he knows now, so you can prosper in the next great depression.


SYDNEY, Luna Park

Tuesday 11th – Thursday 13th October

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BRISBANE, Convention Centre

Friday 14th – Sunday 16th October

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