16 May

Henrik Edberg is a 31 year old guy from Sweden.
Lost 26 pounds during 4 months In the winter/spring of 2009, he managed to lose 26 pounds and went from having a fairly negative attitude, living in the past and, being shy to a confident, enthusiastic, positive person who lives in the present moment.
Through this transformation Henrik has immersed himself in the lessons of personal development and actually implemented what he has learned and experienced to build a better life and a hugely successful and popular blog called THE POSITIVITY BLOG.
Henrik writes about are things that have had a positive effect on his life. Many of these thoughts and strategies have worked for me too and I am always excited to receive his latest installment.
The Positivity Blog is focused on growth but also simplifying your life. It is focuses on opening up new possibilities for happiness and awesomeness through motivating and practical articles and newsletters on how to improve your life.
Here are a few of the topics that are explored on the website:
Creating new and better habits.
Improving your self-discipline.
living more consciously.
Reducing procrastination, becoming more productive & effective and feeling less stressed by working smart.
Setting goals in a way that lets you actually achieve them.
Learning to be mindful/living in the present moment.
Understanding what is stopping you today from doing what you want and removing those obstacles.
Improving your people skills and relationships.
Increasing your self-esteem and confidence in yourself.
The Positivity Blog has been online since September 2006. So far it has had about 7.5 million visitors and it has 41000+ subscribers (as of May 2011).
The site and it’s content is a work in progress. Henrik’s views on things and the subjects he covers are always insightful, creative and entertaining. It is constantly evolving and growing much like Henrik, Seminar Junkies Anonymous, You and Me – we are in a constant state of flux and learning.
Henrik describes himself as he used to be…” a real procrastinating slacker that never got much done”. But over the last few years he has been able to triple his productivity and effectiveness. You can read more about how he did that in his e-book The Art of Relaxed Productivity.
Henrik has also simplified his life greatly. He teaches you how you can do it too in his course SIMPLICTY.
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