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BJH Selling from stage


Learn How To Break Through Your Most Expensive Fear.



Note: This message is imperative for anyone who sells.
If you would like to present professionally to a group of people (or even hold 1-on-1 presentations)…
Benjamin J Harvey is about to share with you, what every top sales professional on the planet knows, and does, to achieve more sales than you can currently perhaps imagine.
The reason that they are world-class sales people is simply that, they do what most people are too scared to do. The good news is, it’s easier than you think.
Unfortunately, most sales people will completely walk away from success, fulfilment and MONEY, shut the door of opportunity and deny their potential customers the chance to do business with them –
Because of one fear:
The fear of public speaking.

The really bad news, is that this fear is a very, very expensive fear that is costing you, significantly. You see, by shying away from selling to a live audience, you actually rob yourself of massive leverage that creates massive sales.
Now, before you start to dismiss this or think that selling to an audience is not possible for you, make sure you read on.
(And remember this, the next time I see you selling like a pro and can’t get you off the stage!)
If you’re one of the lucky few that isn’t afraid to speak to an audience, then you’ll love this too. Your existing confidence will accelerate the strategy I have for you.
If you want to know the very simple truth about How To Sell From Stage, the secret is:
Everything in life has an ultimate strategy.
Selling from stage is no different, and actually easy when you’re shown step-by-step, all the little-known tricks of the trade that have personally made me and my clients millions of dollars in total revenue combined.
Here’s why.
If you have a product or service that will add value to people’s lives, this is something you need to know:

People want to have their problems solved by what you’re selling.


And they are willing to do whatever it takes, to hear what you have to say.

How much would an extra 5, 10, 20 or 100 new customers mean to your business?
No other sales technique compares to your ability to move your customers to action, by looking them in the eye. Having a conversation in the flesh. Demonstrating the benefits of your offer in real life.
And amplifying the result by speaking directly to a mass audience, who show up to listen to YOU.
If you limit yourself to only selling online, through social media, or any other method where you avoid physical human contact with the person you’re selling to…
To put it bluntly, you are missing out. Furthermore, your customers are missing out.

While all your competitors are trying hard to sell impersonally from behind a computer device, here’s your chance to do something different.


And Benjamin J Harvey is going to teach you.





When is it?


Date: Wednesday, February 8, 2012
Registration: 6:30pm
Start Time: 7:00pm (sharp)
Finish Time: 9:30pm


Where is it?


Address: York St Conference Centre
Level 2, 99 York St Sydney (50m from QVB)


The Exchange:
Online Special: $197 $15 (includes GST)

* This includes manual given on the day and the online bonus which is worth $15 on its own




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