22 Apr

infinite possibilities, mike dooley

From Sydney to Istanbul to Papua New Guinea and beyond many have learned of their power, divinity, and magnificence inspired by “Infinite Possibilities: The Art of Living Your Dreams”.
This book (and audio) remind people of how much they deserve, how worthy they are, and why they’re here. And of how remarkably easy it has always been to be swept off our feet with bountiful winds of change.
Virtually everything in our society tells us, convinces us, and insists that we are limited, aging “creatures”, who live lives between luck and fate, in a hard, unforgiving world… and sadly, so many of us believe it.
The truth however, and this will likely ring true in your heart of hearts, is that we are INFINITE and POWERFUL… fun loving gladiators of the Universe; Adventurers just being human, with eternity before us, and the power of our thoughts to help shape it.


that, is how powerful we are… and that is how powerful YOU are. To offset all the contradictory thinking of the masses, YOU NEED TO HEAR THIS KIND OF MESSAGE as often as you have to hear all the others…
Mike Dooley has mastered the Art of living his dreams and wants to share his wisdom so you too can learn:
How POWERFUL you actually are.
HOW FAR you can reach, and
How much you DESERVE…

… so that you can begin thriving as the giant you are, in a kingdom where you have indeed been given dominion over all things.
infinite possibilities mike dooley
Blood, sweat and tears AREN’T what it takes to see your dreams come true, imagination, belief and expectation are what’s needed… then you’re drawn into action, circumstances and “coincidences” that make dream manifestation INEVITABLE.
This isn’t wishful thinking, it’s the way things have always been in time and space.

You don’t need more education, more connections, or more lucky breaks… you just need to understand the principles and concepts that every prophet and messiah has shared since the beginning of time. Principles that have nothing to do with religion, but everything to do with the truth about who we are, why we’re here, and the magic at our disposal.
Your dreams are not yours by accident. You have them for a reason, many reasons, not the least of which is to make them come true.
Your dreams are what’s meant to be… you just have to do your part… but that can be mighty tall order… when you DON’T fully understand what your part is, nor the processes that make dreams come true. With UNDERSTANDING however… you’ll find that NOTHING COULD BE EASIER than the way things have always been.
Just look around you today at those who are so-called successes. Are they smarter than you? Are they more deserving than you? Have they paid greater dues than you? NO. NO. NO WAY.
Whether through their intelligence, or ignorance, usually the latter but it DOESN’T matter, they’re actually living in ways that ENGAGE life’s principles so that the Universe begins serving them.
The good news about this… is that such people are PROOF that ANYONE ELSE can do the same. But here you’ll have an advantage… YOU’LL UNDERSTAND YOUR SUCCESSES and therefore won’t have to live in fear that they could ever be taken away from you.
There is nothing you can’t do, nothing you can’t have, and nothing you can’t be…
You do have the power!
You are guided, and
the Universe IS conspiring on your behalf.

Life is a roller coaster
Mike Dooley’s series outlines dozens of principles that have been around since the beginning of time… principles that are now at play in your own life, whether you know what they are or not, and principles which are ridiculously easy to use.
By identifying, understanding and harnessing them… you WILL access the power that literally turns wishes into reality, your wishes.
If someone told you the truth about life, reality and the powers you possessed… would you recognize it as the truth?
If someone offered you the keys to the kingdom of your wildest dreams… would you accept them?
Is there something in your heart, right now, that’s telling you that just maybe, you could use and benefit from these simple recordings? I think there is.
Infinite Possibilities is NOT a motivational audio program. It’s more philosophical, and it’s aimed at the “Truths of Being”; becoming aware of them, understanding them, and harnessing them.

“A full 12 hours of Dooley himself laying out his compelling philosophical take on what he calls the “Truths of Being.” Twelve hours of audio is daunting in itself, but having been a fan of the “big boys” like Anthony Robbins, Wayne Dyer, Earl Nightingale, et al, I came away with the realization that Dooley is the most literate and professorial of them all.” Roger Yale ~ Los Angeles Entertainment Today


infinite possibilities, mike dooley



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