22 Apr

Brad Simkin’s Inner Guide Healing follows some pretty straightforward and yet profound philosophies:

When you change your thinking, you change your beliefs.
Change your beliefs, you change your expectations.
Change your expectations, you change your attitude.
Change your attitude, you change your behavior.
Change your behavior, you change your actions.
Change your actions, you CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

It really is that simple, well kind of…
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Sometimes it is difficult to change your beliefs, maybe because you don’t believe you should have to and sometimes because you may not even realize that you hold those beliefs.
By recognizing that we grow and learn through our relationships with ourselves; through exploring and learning from our emotions and belief systems we can free up different behavioral responses to them. Inevitably our relationships with others in our life become easier to understand and to heal.
This is when your life really begins to transform.
Brad Simkins, M.A has been a counsellor, executive director, professional parent, advocate and healer for more than thirty years.
His specialty is working with individuals one-on-one in their home or online.
Not only is this efficient and sensible in the age of technology but also because it provides people with the optimal setting for safety and trust.
Brad has discovered that when people are in their home environment, it is easier for them to integrate the skills they learn in their sessions into their daily life.
Brad’s dedication to client support in their healing and well-being is outstanding.
He believes that only each individual is the expert on him or herself, and by facilitating short-term, solution-based psychotherapy to help you find peace and success, eventually you become your own best counsellor to realize and manifest your dreams.
Do you dare to dream?
Although it’s scary and unfamiliar, progress requires a commitment.
In order to make some real and positive changes in your life you must be willing to try and stretch your wings in an effort to look for the unknown wonders that exist around the corner.

“Life often presents us with gifts disguised as problems and challenges. When we view these as gifts for growth and healing, we open ourselves up to the opportunities and allow ourselves to view things in an eternal, universal perspective. This program explores various healing practices and venues, that address the issue on a energetic level and promotes healing.“ ~ Brad Simkins

Brad has an uncanny ability to help you realize, create and live your dreams. He has helped me define my values and gain a greater understanding of my life’s purpose. Brad has helped stretch my self belief and confidence to face challenges without fear.
In his Inner Guide Healing Counseling Services Brad infuses a unique blend of Eastern philosophy and Western psychology, customized for each clients individual or group needs.
Some of the tools Brad employs are include heart-centered short-term psychotherapy, spiritual counseling, and hypnotherapy/guided visualization, coupled with life coaching.
Brad’s flexible and sincere approach is best suited not only to individuals but also for couples and families of all races, ethnicities, religions and sexual orientations.
Brad specializes in “In-home” counseling but sessions are also available by phone, online or at his office.
Contact brad to make an appointment today.
What’s with the “In-home”?
Brad has found over the years that often the best results come from In-home sessions because when you are in the privacy of your own home, you will find that you:
* feel more safe and comfortable in familiar surroundings
* more easily integrate new skills
* make the changes you want quickly
* discover the counselor and guide within yourself
Brad Simkins Inner Guide Healing
This new level of service includes personalized and confidential care like no other.
Online and over the phone sessions are also available for his clients all over the world.
He’s prompt, responsive and committed to your success. Send Brad an e-mail about your concerns and he’ll reply within a day. You can even arrange a time to Skype.
Brad welcomes visits to his office in Bothell, Washington USA, and now also offers Concierge Counseling Service to all clients.
A critical piece in the therapeutic process is being able to get back on track as soon as possible when unforeseen developments come up between sessions.
This unique service not only allows you to check in with Brad throughout the week to correct upsets and challenges, but helps keep the momentum moving forward.
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