15 Dec

As seminar junkies we all love “freebies” but this is something even better!

It’s called the Internet Marketing Newsletter and it’s written and produced by Armand Morin and some of the most well known and successful marketers on the web.

If you sell any product or service on the web this can and will prove to be not only a great FREE resource but also a profitable one.

My first reaction was “why aren’t they selling this”?

Then my second reaction was “who cares, just download it while it’s FREE!”

I’ve seen other competitive products being sold for $19, $47, and even $97 a MONTH!

Why would you pay that when you get so much value – for free!?

Armand, like so many of the great success models out there, believes in giving away some of your best stuff for FREE!

Plus when you see who else is involved, you’ll immediately realize that Armand has gone out of his way to surround himself with a
team of contributing authors who have all experienced tremendous success in their marketing niche, and are happy to share those insights with you.

Download the first issue and you’ll immediately understand why it’s creating quite a buzz in all kinds of marketing forums across the web.

And this is not one of those, “get the first issue FREE!” and pay later subscriptions! Not only can you get the first issue free but every month thereafter is free too 🙂

Learn more about the Internet Marketing Newsletter by clicking here.

Do you subscribe to Armand’s Internet Marketing Newsletter?
We’d love to hear what you think?
It’s FREE but does it really provide value?
Let us know – leave a comment or email your story to seminarjunkiesanon@gmail.com

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