8 Mar

Katapult Enterprises’ International Life Coach Certification Program gives individuals the freedom of being their own boss, make their own hours and work from any location, all while making a difference in the lives of others.

* Have you always wanted to have your own business and work your own hours?
* Are you the one people come to for advice?
* Are you called to help people walk in their purpose?
* Does it make you feel good to make a difference in people’s lives?
* Do you want to strengthen your current life coaching or speaking career?
* Do you know each of us were designed to fulfill an assignment?
* Have you ever thought about universal laws and how they work?
* Are you a natural born leader?
* Believe in helping people help themselves?
If you answered yes to any of the above this program is perfect for you!
Become a certified LIFE COACH! Let Katapult help you start your own Life Coaching Practice!
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Katapult Life Coach Certification

Katapult will train you on methods:
* How to help people discover their own personal definition of success
* Finding your own personal passion and niche in the Life Coaching field.
* How to market and brand your practice
* Concepts of Katapult Coaching, Attracting Clients
* Success and Wisdom lessons that will stay with you for life

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