16 Aug

Kerwin Rae and his Marketing Secrets Exposed, should come with the following:

**Warning! Contains Explicit Content!**

Kerwin Rae is not for the faint hearted! His shock therapy certainly grabs your attention but it’s Kerwin’s unique and entertaining content that keeps you enthralled.

If you are thinking this review is already a little biased it’s because it needs to be said with no exaggeration and in no uncertain terms, Kerwin Rae changed my life!

I first heard Kerwin speak at a free multi-speaker event in Townsville, North Queensland almost a year ago. After sitting through 2 days of interesting and informative presentations about various wealth creation strategies, Kerwin took to the stage and within moments, had the room on the edge of their seats!

Charming and funny, Kerwin delivers relatable stories that clearly demonstrate specific lessons in Internet Marketing, Joint Ventures and innovative business practice. His personal interest in Quantum Physics and how it relates to relationships, health and money, sets Kerwin apart from the typical speakers approach to wealth creation.

Kerwin’s passion is contagious!

He has an amazing ability to clearly and comprehensively communicate detailed and technical information (that would normally go straight over my head), while invigorating a room with his positive energy.
I had been to many seminars before and heard many speakers, who get you hyped up, but you come crashing down a day or two later. The impression Kerwin had left on me was a little more permanent. My husband, Andrew, flew 1,679 kilometers, because he was intrigued to learn more about this “Kerwin Rae”, I had not shut-up about for 3 months! Andrew, was not disappointing and enrolled us in Kerwin’s Business & Marketing Masterclass. Learn more…

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Kerwin certainly lives by the Laws of Reciprocity and Abundance. To say his presentations (free or not) are “generous” is an understatement. Kerwin is one of the few speakers, who openly provides innovative strategies; practical examples that can be easily replicated; and useful, step-by-step instructions that can be implemented by ANY business to achieve greater success.
Kerwin is the author of “The Entrepreneurial Apprentice” training systems and Co-Author of Dale Beaumont’s Best Selling Series “Secrets of Marketing Experts Exposed”. Although Kerwin claims he’s “shy”, it seems the limelight is chasing him, having been featured extensively in the media, including; The Australian, The Financial Review, The Sydney Morning Herald, SKY Business News, QANTAS Business, Think Big Magazine and the Australian Marketing Magazine.
Kerwin has only recently learned that he is to soon realize a long-held dream of working with Anthony Robbins and Richard Branson. Kerwin will speak along-side his heroes in September at The Ultimate Success Summit. Learn more…


This raising star is taking the world by storm!
Well, almost a star…The scientific definition states: A Star, is “a large celestial body composed of gravitationally contained hot gases emitting electromagnetic radiation, especially light.”
Kerwin is all these things – except, he is not full of hot gas!
Anyone who has had the privilege of hearing Kerwin speak, knows – he knows what he is talking about! Recognized as the world’s #1 authority on the Art of Influence, Kerwin has concocted a unique blend of Psychology, Quantum Physics, Neurobiology and Spirituality to help thousands of people all over the world fulfill their ambitions. In the past five years alone, he has earned over $12 Million dollars for his clients, many of which have home-based businesses.
Since meeting Kerwin I have learned to observe and approach the world and my life from a completely different angle and have come to understand the truth about Influence and how it is created at (and creates) each level of reality. The comfortable life I was living only a year ago has blossomed into a world of unlimited opportunities.
Magnetic & inspirational, I know Kerwin will continue to help others accomplish their dreams. I wish him the very best along the journey and wish to thank him for the contribution he has made to my life.
Dare to have your world turned up side down & in side out?

Ultimate Success Systems
7 – 8 May
9:00am – 6:30pm (registration from: 9:00am)
Sydney Masonic Centre
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14 – 15 May
9:00am – 6:30pm (registration from: 9:00am)
Mercure Brisbane
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21 – 22 May
9:00am – 6:30pm (registration from: 9:00am)
Venue:TBA (will be in CBD)
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assaraf-multiple streams-kerwin-rae-rowan
Venue: Sofitel, 249 Turbot Street, Brisbane QLD 4000
Friday, 13 May 2011
Registration 8:15am for 9:00am start – 6:00pm
LIMITED FREE TICKETS for this first time event! Don’t miss John & the All-stars, click here to claim your FREE seats!
Venue: Sofitel, 61-101 Phillip Street, Sydney NSW 2000
Saturday, 14 May 2011
Registration 8:15am for a 9:00am start – 6:00pm
LIMITED FREE TICKETS for this first time event! Don’t miss John & the All-stars, click here to claim your FREE seats!
Venue: Sofitel, 25 Collins Street, Melbourne VIC 3000
Sunday, 15 May 2011
Registration 8:15am for a 9:00am start – 6:00pm
LIMITED FREE TICKETS for this first time event! Don’t miss John & the All-stars, click here to claim your FREE seats!
Venue: Pan Pacific, 207 Adelaide Terrace, Perth WA 6000
Monday, 16 May 2011
Registration 8:15am for a 9:00am start – 6:00pm
LIMITED FREE TICKETS for this first time event! Don’t miss John & the All-stars, click here to claim your FREE seats!
The National Achievers Congress
Kerwin Rae will be appearing live in an unprecedented World-Class program with Sir Richard Branson, Tony Robbins, Lord Alan Sugar, amongst others in LONDON, July 2011. Learn more by clicking here.

Fire Up Your Business
Fire Up Your Business: The Fast Track to Profits in the New Economy

Kerwin is a featured Mentor in this groundbreaking FREE tele-seminar series that features conversations with some of the best minds in business on increasing profits, world-class marketing strategies, creating digital products, mastering social media for lead generation and profit, raising capital, lowering your taxes, creating joint venture partnerships, converting leads into lifetime customers, and much more.
Phone, skype or live streaming via the event webpage on your computer:
Starting March 1st, there will be interviews by 2 speakers a week for 12 weeks, each discussion building on the previous, delivering a succession of content and strategy that is much needed in today’s marketplace. Join one call or all- the more you listen, the more you learn…

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