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Kevin Green Seminar Junkies Anonymous

19 Jan

Kevin Green - Property Success Systems


Being a late bloomer himself, Kevin’s history shows that it is never too late to make a start in property. In fact Kevin was your stereotypical farm boy, with no special training in property (he’d only crossed the bridge out of Wales once in his whole life).


It wasn’t till he was 35 years old with a wife and 3 kids that his life began to change. Kevin laughingly calls it “his midlife crisis” but at the time it was no laughing matter. Extremely frustrated with the limitations of the family farm, Kevin felt trapped and had a very grim outlook on his future.


Desperately seeking change Kevin applied for the hotly contested Nuffield Farming Scholarship. Kevin beat over 350 applicants to secure one of 3 places, with his bold statement that he would use the funding to study the most successful entrepreneurs in the world (including the big names like Bill Gates and Richard Branson).


And that is exactly what Kevin did. Knocking on doors until he could finally get in contact with Richard Branson and many other of the business worlds best and brightest.


During the research a recurrent theme emerged.

Every single one of these business greats were heavily involved in real estate.


Which triggered the next phase in Kevin’s life; a year spent intensely studying property. Kevin outlaid £16,000 of his own money for training, which was a terrifying sum for a humble dairy farmer. But as he learnt from mentor Richard Branson “Nothing ventured, nothing gained”.


So in 1999 he purchased his first investment property. In quite a bold move, he financed the property independently taking no money out of the family farm. Paying for the deposit with his credit card and the remainder on a 85% mortgage, he was totally committed to making that deal work. It was literally make or break.


After this first somewhat risky investment, Kevin quickly learnt how to buy properties with none of his own money and how to get paid on completion (greatly reducing his risk and increasing returns).


It wasn’t long before he realized the only limiting factor to achieving growth in numbers was himself. From there Kevin built a massive portfolio of buy to let properties and achieving high capital profits through planning gain.


Now in 2011 his portfolio includes over 267 properties worth in excess of £29 Million and he is able to enjoy the lifestyle he always wanted.

An Entrepreneur with a Strong Social Conscience


Forget whatever your family and friends told you about rich people, being greedy selfish or building their wealth by taking advantage of others.


A key ingredient in Kevin’s success is helping others (particularly those in dire financial straits). He’ll show you how you can engineer deals to save people from repossession by the banks and create a win/win scenario for everyone.


In addition Kevin is a great supporter of charity, especially charities that help children. Having wealth from property gives you the opportunity to give back and help those less fortunate.


Kevin’s commitment to charity was further enhanced in his appearance on “The Secret Millionaire”. To see his amazing contribution to the community of Devon check out the following video.




Does building a property portfolio worth millions, while still having enough left over to help the less fortunate, sound appealing to you?

Then property multi-millionaire, Kevin Green, from channel 4’s ‘The Secret Millionaire’ has a special invite for you…


Now is the time to take control of your finances.
This is your only chance to learn Kevin’s recipe for Real Estate Success.


Kevin likes to keep a low profile but with the recent financial crisis we all need to take better care of our financial future. With the aging population worldwide, being prepared for retirement, not afraid of retirement, is a must.


For Kevin it is not about how much money he can generate from property. His driving passion is “helping others to help themselves.”

So he is making the effort to come down under to help a select group of Australians discover the secrets to making it big in property (Kevin actually loves Australia, it’s where he bought his first-ever property!).


This is Kevin’s only visit to Australia this year, so ACT NOW to take advantage of this rare opportunity.


Click here to learn more…

Seating is strictly limited.

Kevin Green - Property Success Systems


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