10 May

I connected with Kristen about the ton of emails I’ve received about her Go Big Now! VIP Coaching Program asking me why she’s not giving a month FREE like everyone else with a monthly coaching program does.
Here is her answer —

“If I give them a month free, they’ll lose the urgency to dive in and start changing their lives right away. And if that’s the case, then I’m not helping them.”

Here’s the deal…
Kristen designed this program to give you the tools, knowledge and accountability you need to significantly change your life NOW…
She’s ready to roll up her sleeves with you to make this happen…
But you have to be in it 100% too or you know what will happen.
Listen, there are 2 types of people…
1. The type that is sick of waiting and struggling and is so ready to change their life that the thought of not going big now is not an option.
2. The type that wants to change their life and stop struggling, but who is not quite ready to say ‘Enough’ and do what it takes to make it happen.
Which type are you?
If you are the first type and you are ready — Kristen wants to work with you and start getting you results right now…
She’ll give you 60 days to try the program completely and if it isn’t right for you She’ll give you your money back no questions asked…
But let’s take it even further…
When you join the Go Big Now! VIP Coaching Program, if you don’t easily make double the amount of the program every month because of the work you do, then Kristen doesn’t want you to stay in the program and she will give you your money back.
Obviously Kristen wants you to get all the money, success and happiness you desire when you are in the program — but you have to start with small steps…
It isn’t enough that you make the amount of the program — that’s just breaking even and that isn’t success —
Am I right?
Go grab your spot now and you’ll be in the program in time for the next call with Kristen…

Go Big Now VIP Membership Program

When you decide to change your life, when is the best time to start?

Kristen ran the coaching program for a bestselling author in New York City for 2 years before branching out on her own and her honest and proactive methods have helped successfully coach hundreds of people nationally and internationally in many areas including Business, Marketing, Time Management, Personal Development and Fitness.
If you are thinking Kristen looks familiar, it may be because you have spotted her performing on Broadway and in Movies and TV.
A true traveler of life, Kristen has done everything from walking and training dogs, run sales teams and coaching programs, and talked to everyone along the way – cab drivers, Presidents and the homeless.
The point isn’t what she has done, the point is all the people Kristen has met have taught her that within each of us there is the potential to live a huge and powerful life, within each of us there is a glimmer of greatness, within each of us is the chance to Go Big.

You don’t have to settle, you don’t have to be so serious, you don’t have to just get through your life. Any time you have an inkling that there is something more for you, you’re right and the fact that you have no idea what to do with that information isn’t your fault.


P.S. Kristen is not going to do what a lot of people do and try to trick you into joining for $1 for the first month and then hope you forget about it (while you keep paying monthly)– In fact, if you are going to join and then forget about it, She doesn’t want you in the program 🙂 She wants you to get results and to make sure that happens, she is going to give you a 60 Day — No questions asked guarantee so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain…
Kristen Howe has a revolutionary new manifesting system out and the best news yet is that she’s giving you a preview completely FREE!
Here’s a snap shot of what you will discover using this life altering system:
*The 16 Sub Laws That Make The Law Of Attraction Advantageously Effective
*A Very Powerful Strategy To Creating Your Destiny Before It Unfolds
*The Secret To Opening The Receptors For Success That Already Reside Naturally Within You
*How To Tap Into Your Natural Powers So You Can Overcome Challenges With Ease
*How To Almost Telescopically Identify All Opportunities For Riches And Life Benefits
*A Simple Yet Effective Method For Removing Risk From Virtually Every Endeavor You Embark On
*How You Use Your Vocabulary To Completely Change Your Chances Of Succeeding In Just About Anything You Do
*How To Leverage Your Capabilities in Ways Where Your Shortfalls And Weaknesses Never Get The Best Of You
And much, much more!
To secure your FREE preview, make sure you click the special link right now:

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