27 Oct

If you are new to the personal development game – Kurek Ashley is THE BEST introduction!
Kurek was my initiation to personal development well over a decade ago and to this day remains one of the best speakers in the country.
Passionate, energetic and fun, Kurek has been an inspiration in my life and he has certainly been an incredible transformational leader for countless others.
“Others” being…pro athletes, such as Tamati Ellison (Midfield for the New Zealand All Blacks E.O.Y 2009) and Gold Medalist such as Natalia Cook – Australian Beach Volleyball Sydney Olympic champion.
Natalie heard Kurek speak in 1998 and was instantly inspired! She approached him to coach her for “GOLD Glory” in Sydney…and the rest as they say, is history!

The difference between 1st and 3rd place can be as little as 50 milliseconds or just 1 point. Kurek helps you push through the pain, inspires you to go that extra mile and realize NOTHING is IMPOSSIBLE!
Kurek’s headline event culminates in a FIREWALK!
Yes – You actually walk barefoot on hot coals! Taking that first step onto the burning path symbolizes facing all your fears, all the thoughts and ideas you are constantly told (and tell yourself)…”That’s impossible!”
Once you take the first step, you realize that something you once considered impossible is actually not only possible but easy!
And once you get to the end..you’ve walked over hot coals…you realize, YOU CAN DO ANYTHING!

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Kurek’s experienced amazing highs and the lowest lows. After a horrific helicopter crash in which his best friend died in his arms, Kurek suffered severe depression for 2 years, until he finally experienced a transformation.
After receiving a glimpse into the source of pure and infinite love, he turned his own life around and discovered how to help transform the lives of professional athletes, Hollywood celebrities and tens of thousands of everyday people around the world.
With this gift and higher purpose in mind, Kurek’s first and Bestselling Book “How Would Love Respond?” offers a spiritual toolkit for creating abundance through love and by harnessing and directing the thought processes that create success.

Rating: ★★★★★
“Kurek is a true embodiment of the word outstanding.” ~ Tony Robbins **
“You can never be too kind or too fair. This warm, inspiring book shows you how to practice love in every experience to achieve real peace and ultimate joy.” ~ Brian Tracy

** BTW – Tony Robbins doesn’t give personal recommendations! To have a personal endorsement is a true testament to Kurek’s integrity and authenticity.
Before we had met, I was told that Kurek Ashley was a sort of “antipodean Tony Robbins”, A high-energy motivator! And that he is – passionate, effervescent and always positive.
Kurek was there for me during one of the most difficult periods of my life. He helped me to accept the realities of my situation, gave me guidance and support to turn things around and find MYSELF again.
When Kurek talks to you about the challenges in his own life he speaks with humility, complete openness and gratitude.
The consummate optimist, Kurek always manages to find the silver lining!

Kurek Ashley's Silver Lining

Photographed by Kurek Ashley

Join Kurek’s ultimate networking forum for like-minded success driven people who are working on improving their lives and the lives of others. THE LIFE SUCCESS CLUB contains some of the most powerful messages in the universe and will allow you to experience the power of creating excellence in all areas of your life.

I recently got to catch up with Kurek at his “The Edge of Excellence” evening. It was a great reminder of all the fabulous value-filled content Kurek provides and how his philosophies and strategies are as relevant today as they were when we first met.

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