23 Dec

OK, I know what you are thinking…another cheesy American who gets you all fired up!

Cheesy – NO!
American – not any more! ;p
Fired up – definitely!

Kurek Ashley was my introduction to personal development well over a decade ago and to this day remains one of the best speakers on the circuit. Kurek has been an inspiration in my own life and he has certainly been an incredible transformational leader for countless others.

Kurek has presented numerous workshops & speeches to over 80,000 people from around the globe, is authoring several books, created numerous audio and video programs and frequently appears on TV and Radio shows.

I recently got to catch up with Kurek at his “The Edge of Excellence” evening. It was a great reminder of all the fabulous value-filled content Kurek provides and how his philosophies and strategies are as relevant today as they were when we first met.

I was excited to learn that Kurek had been developing the ultimate networking forum for like-minded success driven people who are working on improving their lives and the lives of others. THE LIFE SUCCESS CLUB contains some of the most powerful messages in the universe and will allow you to experience the power of creating excellence in all areas of your life.

Become a master of consistent daily improvement: Most people overestimate what they can do in a day or a week, and overestimate what they can do in 6 months, a year and so on; The majority of people believe that in order for them to be truly successful, they have to radically change who they are and how they operate. And that is simply not true.

The key is to be consistent.

Imagine how great your life will be when you’re improving it just a little bit every day.

Exclusive membership to the Life Success Club website allows access to:

MONTHLY Life Success Club AUDIO

that covers new tools, new strategies and new ways of thinking that will create the foundation to build the life you desire from and an action track to inspire you to take a new, simple daily action that produces a new successful habit.

Be taught from MASTERS OF SUCCESS: Interviews with those who have mastered success in their field. Achievers such as Gold-Medallists, Bestselling authors, Hollywood stars and Business Leaders who will share with you their strategies and stories of success.

Interactive Reference Library
A wealth of audios, videos, interviews, teleseminars designed so that it is easy for you to search four the topics that you want to learn and master;

24-hour Online Networking Forum.
Connect up with and meet with other like minded people who you can bounce ideas off, strategise with and ask for help from;

Business listing area.
List and promote your business or services to other LIFE SUCCESS CLUB members around the world with the opportunity to having them be your customer of client;

1 on 1 LIVE Q&A with Kurek & Guests.
Kurek and other guest facilitators will be live on the forum answering your questions LIVE once a month;

*** All of these sessions will be added to the reference library to watch at any time. Kurek will continually develop the site with new features and facilities to provide benefits to you as a member ***

If living an excellent, inspired and fulfilled life is something you might desire, check out Kurek’s Life Success Club, click here.

That’s amazing value! Considering your investment is the cost of about a book a month, $39.95*/month – you get some much more than a pile of pages!
(* Membership commitment is a minimum of 12 months)

$39.95*/month works out to be LESS THAN $1.30 a day!

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