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Lion Heart – “The Power to Be the Man You Want to Be” Seminar Junkies Anonymous

14 Sep

Contributed by Anthony Teni of SATORI EDUCATION
So many men today are misunderstood, judged, condemned, criticised, belittled, let down. Some have lost everything they ever loved and some have simply lost control of the life they once dreamed.
Too many men are out there with their hands in the air at a cross road: almost ready to give up… or already have! The problem is they don’t know where to go for help or have been conditioned to not even ask for it for fear of shame, judgement or a sign of weakness.
I was one of those men! I lived my entire life at the mercy of a father who had no clue how to show me love, honour, validation, power, admiration, respect or tenderness. I spent my entire childhood in fear, at times for my life, and all I ever wanted was for him to tell me he loved me and that he was proud of me. That’s all any child ever wants from their parents. I’m now 39 years old and the, “I love you and I’m proud of you” still hasn’t come!
12 years ago I was masking every negative emotion available to man. 12 years ago emotion or feelings were a concept in my mind, not a feeling in body. 12 years ago, I was destined for self destruct and then it all changed!
Why is Lion Heart such an important course for men to attend?
You will finally be handed the resources to take or regain control of your, emotions, behaviours and your life. You will learn how to free yourself from a lifetime of hard wiring that hasn’t served you. You will finally know what it feels like to be admired and respected for the talent you posses and the contribution you make!
I have spent the past 12 years unveiling the catalysts to the major issues some men experience their entire lives. I have learned how to peel away the armour that most men have protected themselves with from the time we were small boys.
This armour has been seen to serve us as a protection mechanism so that people don’t see the traits in us that our fathers never gave us, taught us how to be, nor gave us permission to reveal!
I thought I knew myself at 28, but the armour was so thick and impenetrable that I had no way of knowing the real man who resided within! From the time we are young boys our unconscious mind, in it’s perfection, steps into gear by safe-guarding us from any emotional, physical, psychological and energetic pain that we are too young to understand and too innocent to avoid.
12 years ago, I attracted into my life a woman who, in an instant, was able to see straight through the armour and see the real me beneath it all. There was a man there that I had no idea existed. Trust me; our women can see in us traits that we can’t because most of us were never shown how to be the duality we possess.
Because of my journey, I am who I am today and Lion Heart is the answer to most of the problems men are enduring today. This week end get away promises to show you how to peel off the layers, know yourself for who you really are, ignite the fire within, reveal aspects of you that men MUST know but avoid.
You will experience a power that resides at the core of you that will free you and change your life forever!
Lion Heart is a must for men!!!! It is the gateway to the life that men should have been given the opportunity to experience as a boy and absolutely deserve to be experiencing now.
What you will gain from Lion Heart:
 Increase your wealth and have… not just more sex, but unbelievably mind blowing sex
 Learn communication techniques that eliminate arguments, fighting and drama
 Feel an inner strength that is ego free and irresistible to women
 You will discover how to provide protection for your partner/family in a way that
is supportive and admired
 Take control of your life by finally understanding who you truly are and how to release behaviours from past conditioning
 Finally be ok with connecting with your emotions and use them to serve you, not
control you
 Learn ways to experience acknowledgement and admiration for the work you do,
& the talent you have
 Understand and manage ego – the root of all conflict, suffering and drama
 Become a role model for your children and other young men
 Allow yourself to feel and connect with those you love
 Let go of the ego’s attachment to anger, resentment, conflict, fear, sadness, disappointment, guilt, shame and any other feeling that is the result of past
 Re-define “change”. Change simply means growth and it is one the most inspiring traits of a leader and violently opposed by our ego
 Be the best you can be and believe in yourself
 Learn how to be authentic and true to yourself. Ask for what you want and be open to receiving your desired dreams
 Understand how to connect with your woman in ways that will make you irresistible to her
 Learn how to connect with your children in ways that will fill their little hearts with enough love to last their lifetime
 Be the men that our women & children are looking to us to be
 Break the paradigm cycle of generations of “The Hard Man” stereotype
 Experience a power and strength that comes from within that will free you from suffering and change your life forever
If you’ve ever experienced the following, this course is a must for you!
 I’m disconnected
 Not happy within myself
 I lack self belief or self worth
 I don’t know how to truly connect with my partner
 I want better relationships with those I love
 I feel I need somebody in my life to feel whole
 I have an addiction/s (work, sex, drugs, alcohol etc)
 Self sabotage
 What I do isn’t enough
 Who I am isn’t enough
 Too much internal chatter/self talk
 Don’t feel like an equal
 Feelings of inadequacy
 Don’t know how to communicate effectively
 Have outbursts of anger/frustration
 Not recognised/appreciated as the provider and protector
 Feel stripped of my primordial masculine role
With Heart..
Anthony Teni & The Satori Team

Lion Heart – “The Power to Be the Man you want to be”

Course Dates: Fri 16th, Sat 17th, Sun 18th Sept
Course Times: Fri 6pm – Sun 4pm
Course Venue: Satori House – Redland Bay, QLD
Course Includes: Accommodation & Meals
Course Investment: $795 (payment plan available)
For more info please call 1300 224 338 and don’t forget to mention Seminar Junkies Anonymous for exclusive offers or click here to register.

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