9 Feb

Marketing Secrets Exposed - Kerwin Rae

What If An Undeniable, Verified Expert Could Answer Every Single Question You Have Ever Had About Your Business and Making Money Fast?

Well… ask away at Kerwin Rae’s marketing Secrets Exposed.

* You will spend 1 solid day together and Kerwin will teach you some of the most powerful information which he usually charges $2000 per hour 1 on 1 to share.

* You Will Learn from Real Life Case Studies… Kerwin is excellent at explaining complex concepts with real life case studies and stories (some that will make your toes curl!) No theory, no BS, no hype and nothing will be straight out of a book that’s his promise to you…

* Kerwin will reveal some very powerful strategies that have made millions for his clients. Techniques that he has been paid hundreds of thousands to do and demonstrate 1 on 1.

* You will be put In contact with potential joint venture partners on the day. Everyone you meet on the day will be a potential Joint Venture Partner capable of opening you up to their customers and potentially adding thousands in new profit to your bottom line in weeks.
Kerwin Rae - Ultimate Success Summit
* Kerwin will explore the foundations of psychological influence and how it is created at every level of reality – influence is the basis of powerfully responsive and effective marketing and kerwin is known the world over as THE Master of Influence. He will be teaching you somethings the most powerful marketers in the world don’t want you to know.

* You will be learning the spiritual and scientific laws behind making money and discover for yourself the real reasons people struggle to make money and sometimes struggle even more to keep it!

* Kerwin reveals your relationship with money and how it affects not only your ability to attract it but also whether or not you hold onto it…

* How to use your intuition to make lightening quick decisions that get you closer to your goals in less time with even less resistance (intuition or ‘gut instinct’ is one of the most common traits of some of the wealthiest business owners on the planet).

* You will discover the REAL Quantum Mechanics behind Business and how to use it consciously and powerfully to create the life of your dreams (no fluff, hype or “The Secret’s Secret” just the pure science behind what makes it possible)


Harry Dent says Kerwin Rae is “brilliant” at helping businesses to grow in this new economy



Saturday 26th Feb 2011
Radisson Hotel & Suites Sydney – 72 Liverpool Street Darling Harbour, Sydney
1 Day Seminar – 9:00am – 5:00pm
(registration from 8.15am)

Early Bird Seminar Junkie Special Until 22 Feb ONLY $47
Standard From 23 Feb $97
PLUS Receive $491 in BONUS gifts
Claim your ticket and bonus gifts by clicking here.


Special Bonus #1…JVEbook_MillionDollars - Kerwin Rae
How To Make A Million Dollars With Joint Ventures by Kerwin Rae – Valued at $97

In this powerful eBook Kerwin will take you through the 8 organising principles of setting up Million Dollar Joint Ventures.

You will get up close and personal with the most powerful marketing strategy available in the world for making more money in any business in under 2 weeks without spending a cent.

You will learn the secrets behind some of the most powerful joint ventures on the planet and you also get access to his own case studies to see how Kerwin has done it firsthand!


Special Bonus #2…JVEbook_PlayBook_ImplementationGuide_New
Million Dollar Joint Venture Play Book
The Joint Venture Implementation Guide by Kerwin Rae – Valued at $197

Joint Ventures don’t get any easier than this.. In this powerful eBook you will learn the 7 steps for implementing a joint venture in under 14 days and you will get access to all my letters, phone scripts, tips, cheats and more.

It even has the meeting plan so you will know how to conduct your meetings one on one to ensure you get your JV’s off the ground in under 2 weeks.

Special Bonus’s 2 & 3 are some of Kerwin’s best selling and most powerful products and they are your to keep free just for coming along!


Special Bonus #3…bonus_audio_kerwin rae
Only for a limited time. Buy your tickets now! Kerwin Rae’s Most Guarded Secrets Exposed by Kerwin Rae – Valued at $197

This is a 60 Minute interview of me being absolutely drilled by one of Australia’s most well publicised young entrepreneurs.

For 60 Gruelling minutes this guy had Kerwin under the pump grilling him for his most secretly prized, successful and profitable strategies that Kerwin have used for himself and his clients. By the time the interview finished and Kerwin realised what he had done…but it was too late!

Kerwin realised that he had just given him HUNDREDS Of THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS IN INFORMATION that could be used by some smart operator to add TENS OF THOUSANDS to their businesses bottom line or better still millions!



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