10 Feb

Adtech Sydney 2013 - Natalee-Jewel Kirby
SJA is very proud to announce it’s founder, natalee-Jewel Kirby will be discussing Social Media Monitoring at the panel discussion “A Weapon of Mass Discovery” at THE digital marketing event of the year, Adtech Sydney.

To assume is to fail – KNOW what the online world is saying about your organisation, your products/services and your competitors.
Have you ticked the box of social media monitoring but have no idea how to use the data you’re collecting?

  • Make educated decisions about where to invest in online communities
  • Discover business insights you didn’t expect from social
  • Engage key stakeholders and social influencers by mining social data
  • Advance monitoring efforts as your business evolves

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Follow Natalee-Jewel on Twitter at https://twitter.com/NataleeJewel @NataleeJewel
Follow the event on Twitter: https://twitter.com/adtechANZ @adtechANZ
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