11 Sep

With over 220,000 people having attended his personal development seminars and learnt how to recreate their lives, Michael Domeyko Rowland is Australia’s leading Self Development author and presenter. His book, ‘Absolute Happiness’ is a national best seller (85,000 copies in Australia).
Micheal Domeyko Rowland Absolute HappinessMicheal travels the world presenting his “Life” courses and also occasionally joins overseas best selling authors on seminar tours. He has toured with some of the world leaders in personal growth, such as Deepak Chopra, Louise Hay, Marianne Williamson, Wayne Dyer and author of ‘Celestine Prophecy’ James Redfield. These sell out tours were attended by over 40,000 people.
Michael is also well known for his work with teenagers. Due to a desire to fulfil their potentials in some teens, he invites them to attend his courses for free and over 8,600 have attended so far.
Prior to commencing his seminar work twenty years ago, Michael was highly successful in the Australian film and television industry. He worked on a number of films and TV documentaries, dramas and feature films, starting as an assistant director on Skippy the Kangaroo, Spyforce with Jack Thompson, ‘Age of Consent’, filmed on Dunk Island, with James Mason and Helen Mirren, and ‘Wake in Fright’. He directed several episodes of the worldwide smash hit series ‘Return to Eden’. He left the industry to begin his career researching mind and consciousness. In addition to presenting courses, he returns to feature film writing and directing in 2009, dealing with the subjects he covers in his seminars, converting them into a fictional setting.
He has toured England, the Amazon jungle, and the U.S.A. interviewing twenty of the top transpersonal psychiatrists, psychologists, physicists and biologists for a documentary video series on the mind and consciousness, which he is presenting and directing. The first episode has already been released, featuring Ram Dass (Dr. Richard Alpert). He has also directed and presents a 12 part video series on personality and relationships, called the ‘Psychology of Selves’, again interviewing the leading authorities from the U.S.A. in the field, Dr Hal Stone and Dr. Sidra L. Stone, which is used by Universities, professional psychologists, as well as members of the public.
‘Being in Heaven’ is the latest film written and directed by Michael. It was an Official Selection into the 23rd Singapore International Film Festival.
People have found, in its stories and content, a depth of knowledge and insight that has helped them to discover more about themselves in an easy and enjoyable way.
The film has been designed to be like a mirror in which the audience can see where they are in their lives, what it is that drives them, and what they can do to move on.
Even though a fictional film, it is packed with extraordinary true stories that will reveal things about yourself that will liberate you, and allow you to enjoy a far better and more fulfilling experience of living.
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Michael Rowland DVD Being In Heaven

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