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Mike Handcock Seminar Junkies Anonymous

26 Sep

Hey it’s me… Mike Handcock and I want to tell you about my first time….?MikeHandcock - Mysteries Revealed
Not that first time… but the first time I failed an exam where I was the best in the school at the subject. I complained to my teacher who told me: ’21 year old kids mark these exams, you are simply smarter than them’
What I realized is that the system is flawed. In fact it’s there to dumb us down. I just didn’t know how to bust free and get where I wanted to get, and I spent years slogging it the hard way. I really don’t want you to spend a minute longer stuck in the sea of mediocrity. (Or maybe you liked Henry Ford’s assembly line)
I’ll cut to the chase. I learned from my good buddy Don Tolman that there is money in mystery…big money. Of course Don’s angle is the pharmaceutical and medical world that makes every disease a mystery and it costs us a fortune to get healed. He’s right, but the same goes for wealth and business. I did 12 years of school and my degree and I virtually use none of it. Do you?
So I thought I’d spend my time cutting through the white noise they surround us with. Here’s the result and it’s profound.
Mysteries Revealed is a 2.5 hr event that gets to the root of how to grow your success in wealth and in business. It’s a culmination of my ten plus years of working with and learning from some of the best in the world in their fields – New York Times Best Sellers, Billionaires, Wealth Wizards and Business geniuses. Click on the link below and come along: I can promise you – no polish, no mysteries, simple take home facts and strategies to implement immediately, that will get you a result.




Mike reveals the profound wisdom behind the mystery of business and wealth success in the revolutionary and exciting Mysteries Revealed evening event of engagement, profound simple learning and fun, when you register use the exclusive discount code SeminarJunkies and go to:

business mysteries revealed


Tuesday, 11 October

Wednesday, 12 October

Can’t make those dates? Pop across the pond and catch Mike in Australia:
Monday, 17 October
Tuesday, 18 October
Wednesday, 19 October
Thursday, 20 October
Monday, 24 October
MYSTERIES REVEALED and don’t forget your exclusive DISCOUNT CODE: SeminarJunkies
Mike Handcock has led a pretty extraordinary life by anyone’s standard. Orphaned at 15 he rose to the top of the corporate ladder, had a stint as a rockstar, travelled to over 75 countries, has written 11 books, including best sellers (Amazon #3), played on 10 albums, produced and directed a feature film and currently owns businesses in media, events, travel, training and publishing.
In addition he has owned property in various countries, been mentioned by Bill Clinton for his philanthropy, is currently on the board of three charities and speaks to over 10,000 people each year in more than a dozen countries. He has coached and worked with multi millionaires and billionaires in good times and bad and has studied ancient wisdom and business with some of the biggest names in their respective fields.


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