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Mysteries Revealed – NZ Tour Seminar Junkies Anonymous

23 Sep

business mysteries revealed
Most people think there is some great mystery to business and wealth success. There isn’t. Here are three simple tips that will get you further ahead than you could believe. Just action them.
1. Your time
Most of us have made and lost money in life. But have we made time? More importantly, when we do… who do we make it for? You are most likely the average of the five people you spend the most time with.
It’s a comfort thing and human nature. But here’s a clue. If you want to make a million, imagine spending that same time with four multi millionaires and hanging out and chatting with them.
If you did that, where do you think you would be in one year from now? If you want to learn about flying, hang out with pilots. If you want to learn how to play the guitar, hang out with great guitar players. In fact jamming with people better than you is one of the single fastest ways to improve.
So … who are you spending time with now?
2. Stop Making Excuses
See 1. Above. You have no time to spend with millionaires. You have a family, friends, responsibilities, no money. Rubbish!
You have as much time as you wish to reallocate.
An hour spent watching CSI, gardening, walking the dog, commuting…whatever it is that is the record you play can be changed.
Imagine you spent just 15 minutes a day exercising or listen to advice from successful people, that’s over 55 hours of applied learning each working year. But…you don’t find time for even 15 minutes a day…do you?
3. Stop building a network
Yes, that’s right… stop building a network. Start building a playground. People come to playgrounds to enjoy them and have fun.
Networks are complex, high maintenance beasts that tend to cost quite a bit to run and maintain. Building a playground is what Facebook has proven.
People will come together and connect on a social basis across borders for common interests.
Your playground will be built on common interests, interactions, like-minds, and engagement in what you believe in, which will be mutual and shared.
A playground of just ten people has more value than a network of 1,000
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