16 Mar

Rick Otton's Positive Cashflow Property Secrets
At Rick Otton’s Positive Cashflow Property Secrets 1 Full Day Seminar, he will reveal to you how you can own Positive Cashflow Property to supplement or even replace your current income for only $1.00 down!
If you want to buy a home – but you don’t have a deposit. You’ll want to learn Rick’s strategy on how to a buy a house for ONLY $1!
Maybe you have been unable to get finance from the banks? Or you’re a property investor that’s hit the financial ‘brick wall’?
Perhaps you have a negatively geared property that eats up your Cashflow? Wouldn’t you like real estate that puts money in your pocket instead?
perhaps you have tried to sell these properties that have been bleeding you dry? Well know you will know how – and help others in the process!
Don’t worry about missing out on the great Aussie dream of home ownership anymore!
Real Estate Consumer Advocate Rick Otton can help you. He’ll show you how to buy one or more properties for just $1 – just as he’s helped many other Australians.
What You’ll Discover At The Positive Cashflow Property Secrets Event:
* How to buy almost any property for $1 –no deposit needed, no bank needed.
* 5 Strategies to create Positive Cashflow Properties – including the ‘Rent to Own System’, the 10/10 Buy Down and Ricks famous ‘Handyman’ Special.
* Top Negotiating Secrets #1- Why the terms of a transaction are more important than the price. This will change the way you negotiate everything in your life.
One Australian Dollar
* How to Laugh at Interest Rate Rises – Why it doesn’t matter what interest rates are – if you know how to structure your deal
* How to Really Open Your Eyes – Learn how to see “Win/Win’ deals where 99% of people can’t
* A Triple Cash Bonanza – How to create positive cash flow – plus make money upfront and at the back end of every property transaction you do
* Negatively Geared Property Bleeding You Dry? Discover how to turn it into a positive cashflow property – in one simple move
* How to avoid paying stamp duty – completely legally!
* How to double or even triple the rental income from your investment property

Sounds unbelievable, I know.

In this one-time only 1- day-event Rick will show you how you can do it too.
Thu 31 March 2011
Registration: 8.30am
Event Times: 9am – 5.30pm
Mercure Brisbane, 85-87 North Quay
LIMITED FREE TICKETS, click here to claim yours.
Sat 2 April 2011
Registration: 8.30am
Event Times: 9am – 5.30pm
Sydney Masonic Centre, 66 Goulburn St, Sydney
LIMITED FREE TICKETS, click here to claim yours.

Sun 3 April 2011
Registration: 8.30am
Event Times: 9am – 5.30pm
Rydges Melbourne, 186 Exhibition Street
LIMITED FREE TICKETS, click here to claim yours.

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