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How to take advantage of the current property market downturn – and set yourself up for a prosperous financial future. The latest investing secrets of Australia’s top investor, and #1 best-selling author of ‘From 0 to 260+ Properties in 7 Years’, Steve McKnight.
How to secure blue-chip real estate in one of Australia’s top 5 fastest growing areas for surprisingly little upfront investment.
How Australia’s Reno Queen, Cherie Barber, creates up to $300,000 in profit per reno – in as little as 3 months. Amazingly, she got started without a stable income – and only a few dollars to her name. She’s been featured in prime TV shows like ‘Today Tonight’.
Jason Cunningham CPA and author of ‘Where’s My Money?’ will teach you how to grow your assets faster & safer. Superannuation and asset protection strategies you’ve most likely never heard before.
And much more. Read on for full details of this FREE Property Investors event.

Property Investor


Property Expert #1 Steve McKnight – Discover how he bought 500+ properties … and secures hot property deals in today’s market, now earning over $200,000 per year in passive income from his portfolio


Steve McKnight went from being an unhappy full time employee…to financial freedom in less than four years.


How? By using the power of positive cash flow property investing.


You see, as a Chartered Accountant, he’s well qualified to preach to you about the virtues of negative gearing.


The problem is… he thinks it’s a flawed strategy.


After all, how can losing money ever be smart?


Knowing next to nothing about property investing he bought his first investment property in May 1999.


It was a three bedroom, one bathroom, ex-commission weatherboard home in West Wendouree – a suburb in the regional Victorian city of Ballarat.


In many ways it was unremarkable. But it had one big thing going for it; it was positively geared.


He paid $44,000, the rent was $120 per week and, after all costs, he made a weekly cash surplus of just over $20 a week.


Sure…owning one wasn’t going to make him rich. But using his revolutionary approach to real estate, over the past 13 years, his investment entities have bought over 500 properties – just like this one – including over 60 in the U.S.A.


Along the way he’s made a stack of money. In fact, his property portfolio delivers a net-income of well over $200,000 per year.


Steve’s acquired true financial freedom. Today, he works when and where he wants…does what he wants…and spends time with whom he wants.


It’s liberating! And that’s what Steve wants for you. So he’s going to reveal his secrets to you for FREE at the Property Investor Summit, 2012.


At the Property Investor Summit for 2012 Steve’s going to reveal…


When is the best time to buy? Find out what part of the property cycle we’re in with my “Property Clock”. Plus predict what’s going to happen next.
What sort of properties to buy – and in which price range – for best capital growth and yields
6 easy steps to finding the best capital growth properties. (Hint, you’ll need your melways to get started.)
How to adopt the mindset of the wealthy. Explode your investing and wealth potential.
The #1 ‘crazy and costly mistake’ nearly all investors, and most agents, make.
Clever marketing tips to properly position your property to attract multiple buyers.
And much more.


But that’s not at all. At the Property Investor Summit 2012 you’ll also hear from…

Property Investor


Property Expert # 2 Cherie Barber – How Cherie, an everyday mum, makes up to $300,000 in profit per reno – in as little as 3 months. Amazing low-cost reno strategies that let her get started without a stable income—and only a few dollars to her name.


Cherie Barber

Cherie quit her job half way through her first renovation project.


Why? Because she realised she was making more money renovating on weekends…than slaving away in her job 5 days a week!


Some ‘well wishers’ doubted her decision to leave her job. However Cherie proved the doubters wrong. In fact…


In the first 10 months of her renovating business…Cherie acquired, renovated & sold 6 houses….with a combined value of $6.3 million!


But here’s what’s most amazing about Cherie’s story…


Cherie didn’t have a stable income…and had very little money behind her in her first year as a renovator because she just left her job.


But through her innovative no-cost & low-cost strategies Cherie was still able to make…


A whopping net profit of $1.15 Million in the first 10 months of her renovating career…


What’s her secret? Cherie’s success is due to her streamlined property buying &reno system.


Through trial and error she’s turned the process into a ‘step-by-step, paint-by-numbers’ system. This has allowed Cherie to…


Complete over $50 Million in Reno projects…with an average profit of $300,000 per project…and turnaround time of as little as 3 months!


On hearing about her success friends and family begged to know Cherie’s ‘secret sauce’. So she started educating them


Over time this led Cherie to become a highly in demand renovation educator….appearing frequently on shows such as Channel 7’s Today Tonight, and Foxtel’s Lifestyle Program, as well as in national property investor magazines like ‘Smart Property Investor’.

Cherie’s philosophy is: Why wait for capital growth? In today’s down property market you could grow old waiting. Create bumper capital gains yourself; through a simple Reno-job…and have fun while you do it.


And at the Property Investor Summit Cherie will show you…


How to take control of a property…without you even owning it.
4 Simple ways to get started in property development…with virtually no money down.
How to pin-point properties with great reno potential. Buy the right property for maximum profit – and don’t buy ones that bleeds your money dry.
How to make a year’s salary in 26 days or less…through small scale property developments.
Who you need to have on your property development ‘All Star Team’. When you have trusted experts on your team you can relax…and do less of the work yourself
3 simple property reno strategies you need to know – splitters, sliders and simple sub-division.
How to move from your full-time job or business…into renovating or property developing full time. The secret is to create a rich asset base on your weekends and time off.


Property Investor


Property Expert #3, Rowan Burn – How to secure blue-chip real estate in one of Australia’s top 5 fastest growing areas…with surprisingly little upfront investment.


Rowan Burn

Rowan Burn’s passion is researching government & council documents…infrastructure reports… and population charts…to pin-point Australian hotspots set to boom.


And at Property Investor Summit, he’s going to reveal one of the hottest areas in Australia…that could potentially reward investors with soaring capital gains over the next 3-5 years.


Rowan’s a successful investor in his own right, having recently completed a multi-million dollar property development in Sydney. And we’re thrilled to have him share his research with us at the event.



Property Investor


Property Expert #4, Jason Cunningham CPA and bestselling author of ‘Where’s My Money?’ will show you how to potentially grow your assets faster and safer. Superannuation and asset protection strategies you’ve most likely never heard before.


Jason had a secure job at Ford Motor Company. But in 1997 when he turned 24, he decided to quit his job and went into business on his own.


He co-founded the inner city firm The Practice, which provides accounting, taxation, business consulting, financial planning and finance solutions to a wide range of clients.


His company, The Practice, has grown to a $5m a year business, employing 31 people.


While his big business experience has stood him in good stead throughout his career, Jason credits the challenge of founding, and running, his own business as the most valuable education he has received.


The resulting opportunity to work with a diverse mix of people for over a decade – CEOs and high-net-worth individuals, executives of publicly listed companies, small business owners, and ordinary wage-earners – has further honed his natural ability to relate to all manner of people.


At the event, Jason will reveal things like…


How you could potentially set up a self managed super fund to build property wealth.
How to slash your tax legally with property investor deductions. Why pay more tax than you need to?
Strategies to protect yourself from litigation and safeguard the wealth you’ve worked for so hard.
The right way to set up your property portfolio. Lets you grow your wealth faster and safer.


Fri, April 20, 2012 | Brisbane
Sat, April 21, 2012 | Sydney
Sun, April 22, 2012 | Melbourne
Mon, April 23, 2012 | Perth

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