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Property Success Systems Seminar Junkies Anonymous

19 Feb

Kevin Green - Property Success Systems


Would you like to receive a regular income, whether you work or not? 

Does building a property portfolio worth millions, while still having enough left over to help the less fortunate, sound appealing to you?
Then property multi-millionaire, Kevin Green, from the UK’s channel 4’s ‘The Secret Millionaire’ has a special invite for you…

At this once only event you will learn:

* How to control land with no money down. With a little knowledge you can get started in property right now. Without laying out large sums of cash or burdening yourself with excessive debt.
* That there are amazing deals to be had in any property market and Kevin’s favorite 16 techniques for sourcing under value property.
* How to improve your credit rating and lay the foundations to become your own bank.
* The do’s and don’ts of project management. Plus how to build a project management dream team, making development quicker and easier than you could ever imagine.
* How to structure your investments to provide regular passive cashflow, income to retire on, or income to do the things you’ve always dreamed of, but never had the cash.
* That the right mindset is the glue that holds any venture together. You need to adopt the psychology of the wealthy if you want to enjoy lasting results and Kevin will show you how.
And much, much more…


money house

Imagine if you could build your own property empire worth millions in just a few short years…
It is possible; Kevin Green did it. And he will show you the exact strategies he used to go from struggling farmer to the largest private landlord in Wales in less than 10 years.
If you’d like to be one of Kevin’s success stories…

Gain access to property investment strategies that are tried, tested and easy to apply.

Kevin has over 10 years experience in the property market, so he knows what works and what doesn’t. But more than that, Kevin has developed a highly effective formula that he applies over and over again. In his own words Kevin admits: “It’s a simple formula and I don’t mess with it. I will only stop using it when I am dead”.

Instead of spending 1000’s of hours studying and years weathering the ups and downs of the property market, you can get the short track to success by modeling Kevin. At the end of 2 days you’ll know how to:

* Read market conditions, knowing when to get in and when to get out of certain investment types before they bite you
* Understand investment indicators; so you’ll see at a glance what suburbs are winners and which are the duds
* Easily Locate and evaluate winning properties, before anyone else even knows they exist
* Quickly Recognize any hidden pitfalls in a property (even the tricky ones that can derail the most experienced investors)
* Negotiate the best deal possible using Kevin’s step by step system
* Use creative finance strategies to make sure the banks never cost you a great property
Kevin Green - Property Success Systems
If you’re worried about how these property techniques will translate to the Australian market don’t be; the principals of successful investing are universal. Kevin will explain his simple but highly successful methodologies to building wealth.


These strategies are entirely adaptable to the Australian market. And, it could be argued, applied to even greater success given the relative strength of the Australian economy compared to other world economies. And Australia’s long standing love affair with real estate (that has year after year produced consistent and solid results).

But to ensure you have the best chance of success Kevin has invited some of Australia’s leading property investors to share their unique perspective on property investing in Australia and offer little known tips to help you get ahead in the local real estate game.
So how much is your financial future worth to you?

Kevin spent over £16,000 on property training and committed a full year to intense study. He stopped drinking, watching movies and going out. For more than a year Kevin could be found studying property in every spare moment, reading investing manuals into the wee hours of the morning several nights a week. Trawling through a mass of information trying desperately to find the formula of property success.

Want to learn more about Kevin? Click here.
What if you could get a jump start on your property journey and access the very best information Kevin learned during his study and 11 years experience in the property market?

What if you could have the tools necessary to start growing your property portfolio today?

What if you could retire in just a few short years instead of a few decades? What would that be worth to you?
Even though Kevin spent in excess of £120,000 on training and literally 1000’s of hours studying investment strategies and even more time gaining real experience he is willing to share all this priceless information with you over two information-packed days for as little as $99…
One Event Only – SYDNEY, April 9 – 10
General Admission Ticket $99 each (or just $149 for two!)*
Red carpet VIP Ticket $300 each (or just $450 for two!)*
VIP Tickets include:
* Fast-tracked VIP Registration
* Priority VIP Only Seating (right up front!)
* Access to the VIP “Green Room” during breaks for refreshments, light snacks and mingling/networking
* Meet Kevin Green during the VIP Only Cocktail Function
* Photo opportunity with Kevin Green for all VIP’s

At this price we expect the event to sell out fast – so secure your place now! Click here.

* Please note, discount for two tickets only applies when tickets are purchased at the same time

Kevin Green - Property Success Systems

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