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The Seminar Junkies Anonymous (GOLD STAR) rating system is calculated based on the value presented within the following four categories:

Which consists of A) Administrative support:
From the very beginning it is important to receive helpful support from the event managers of any seminar you register for.
The provision of clear and basic information such as dates, times, location and anything you are required to bring, can make all the difference.

The introductory email or website should provide accurate and easy to find information, as well as make sure that any bonus material is easy to retrieve.

Organizers are also judged on how helpful their email or telephone support team are before and after the event. If they bother to respond to correspondence initiated by you or follow up with post-event information, surveys, and product support.

B) Event Staff
Support also extends to the crew on the day. A speakers support staff can make the difference between an OK event and an excellent event. Experienced technical staff are imperative – there’s nothing more embarrassing than a speaker whose microphone doesn’t work or the slides/music does not cue.

C) Event Crew/Volunteers
Often the crew members that handle registrations and man the aisles/microphones are volunteers. It is always great to meet volunteer crew that share their experiences and knowledge as well as keep the energy of the room positive.


While the venue is not the be all and end all, event organizers should be aware of the relevant needs of the speakers and attendees. For example, if it’s a multi or single-day event which runs all-day and food and beverages are not provided, then the organizer should take into consideration the proximity and availability of local food-outlets and toilets. I have been to many seminars that only allow for a twenty-minute break, yet are located ten minutes walk away from any decent and/or affordable restaurants and cafes and only have one restroom to share with 100 other people.

Parking availability and accommodation for visiting participants should also be considered.

The venue is also judged on simple but often overlooked features such as power-plug availability for laptops, comfortable seating, adequate lighting and an ambient air temperature that is cool enough for the speaker not to drip into a puddle of sweat but warm enough for attendees to concentrate on what is being said instead of freezing to death.


Ok – some speakers are more experienced than others and therefore carry an air of confidence that does not distract you from their message. Others, may not be the most well spoken or confident presenters but they make up for it with conviction and passion. When rating a speaker Seminar Junkies Anonymous is more interested in a speakers authenticity and ability to educate and inspire others than their actual presentation skills. It is important to be professional and unoffensive, but ultimately the best speakers are the ones that positively and generously convey their message and help others to learn in the process.


Whether the event was FREE or paid for, it is imperative that the speaker and event organizers provide the audience with the best value. The best rated speakers are the ones which share their information and ideas with the pure intention of helping others.
Products may be a training course, book, audio/visual aids or full-service package and need to be affordable relative to the information and potential return on investment promised.

Rating: ★★★★★ = Excellent! Highly Recommended!
Rating: ★★★★☆ = Great!
Rating: ★★★☆☆ = Good
Rating: ★★☆☆☆ = OK – still provided value on some level.
Rating: ★☆☆☆☆ = DON’T BOTHER!
Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆ = Dodgee! can’t find anything positive to say 🙁

Seminar Junkies Anonymous’ reviews are based on the personal experience of the contributing writer. Seminar Junkies Anonymous makes every effort to provide accurate, informative and unbiased reviews. We understand that everyone has different tastes and interests and so invite all to contribute their comments, insights, and concerns. By sharing your experiences you help others learn and make better educated decisions when considering attending an event or purchasing a product. Comment blow or send your story to: semianrjunkiesanon@gmail.com

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