15 Feb

Rossco Paddison – The Guy who can make anyone Famous!

The Fame Equation
Rossco Paddison is The guy who can make anyone famous and the founder of The Fame Equation and he has a system to take you from where you are right now to Awesomepreneur status in less than 12 months.
Rossco Paddison is the world’s first official Professional Attention Seeker and is changing attitudes one talk at a time with a fresh and dynamic approach to positioning any product, person and event across a broad industry base
Rossco has worked alongside some of Australia’s rich and famous on festivals, events, publicity campaigns, media and promotions.
Aged just 13, he had his first business which was a lawn mowing business the first of five businesses he had before he turned 18.
Rossco has generated more than half a million dollars of publicity in just one day and turned a $5000 marketing budget into $1 million dollars in value.
Rossco has done deals for his clients that have generated more than $26 million dollars in sales in just one year.
He is the brainchild of The Fame Equation, which gives people the tools to become famous for what they do best.
Rossco teaches people how to turn their message into momentum for unprecedented and incredible results.
“Fame, celebrity status and trends are all created using the same process and I have figured it out to a tee,” he says.
“Perception is your fans projection of who you really are in business today and The Fame Equation is a system for changing the perception.
Rossco says people can become ‘famous’ in their industry by applying proven strategies. He believes people are commoditising themselves by incorrectly implementing the same principles and strategies as their competitors.
“It’s time people took back control and started to realise and achieve their full potential,” he says.
Rossco is ready to show you how to go from entrepreneur to Awesomepreneur™.

The Fame Equation - Rossco Pattison
Melbourne:19th May 8.30am-8.00pm
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The Fame Equation - Rossco Pattison
Sydney: 22nd May 8.30am-8.00pm
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The Fame Equation - Rossco Pattison
Gold Coast: May 26th 8.30am-8.00pm
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The Fame Equation - Rossco Pattison
Brisbane: May 24th 8.30am-8.00pm
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The Fame Equation - Rossco Pattison
Adelaide: 17th May 8.30am-8.00pm
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The Fame Equation – Gold Coast
Saturday, March 10, 2012
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The Fame Equation – Sunshine Coast
Friday, March 16, 2012
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The Fame Equation – Brisbane
Thursday, February 16, 2012 at 8:30 AM (GMT+1000)
66 Queen St, Brisbane, QLD 4000
Thursday, February 16, 2012 at 8:30 AM
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The Fame Equation – Melbourne
Saturday, February 18, 2012 at 8:30 AM (GMT+1000)
Melbourne, VIC
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The Fame Equation – Sydney
Monday, February 20, 2012 at 8:30 AM (GMT+1000)
99 On York
95-99 York Street
Sydney, NSW 2000
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    Here is what others have to say about Rossco:
    “Fame Equation with Rossco finally managed to wake me up to the way we’re all doing business and connecting in drastically different ways today. Rossco’s energy and distinct approach is refreshing and he truly believes in his methods and is passionate about helping expose authentic people with great work. I’d definitely recommend this high action event to anyone in business today!”
    Kelly Quinn


    “As a business coach in the fitness industry, I walked into The Fame Equation looking for help to stand out from the ever growing competition. Within the first 2 hours of the day, I had only learnt how to be different but also how to shout it from the virtual rooftops. Rock on Rossco – thanks for the shift.”
    Rick Watson, PT Business In a Box


    “I have recently attended the Billionaire Boot Camp (Chris Howard’s) and I have learnt more from you in one day than with them. I am very impressed with your fresh and progressive approach to business.”

     Irene Brown, Castle On The Hill

    “A great introduction of how to get your business a head of the game in these times of extreme social media possibilities!”
    Sally Stent, Sustainable Interior Designer

    “Thanks Rossco for all of you! Your willingness to be vulnerable and your courage in getting up and going ‘bigger and better’ is an inspiration. Thank you… And of course, there’s the clarity that you present your simplified marketing strategies; the ease and fun you deliver it with and the total irreverence that I adore!”
    Cathie Sherwood, Author

    “This was a fantastic day, Rosco gives so much really useful information away, it was inspiring and rewarding for anyone who is struggling to get their business back on it’s feet. Not only does he provide excellent solutions, the brainstorming with the audience creates some outstanding results. Go to the Fame Equation, dont waste a golden opportunity.”
    Terese Cooke, Property Developer

    “The Fame Equation was so unbelievably inspiring, I’d recommend it to anyone! It was an eye-opening experience; I learnt to look at my career in a new light and I can’t thank you enough, Rossco. It’s only been two days and I’ve already made changes I didn’t know were possible. Anyone with the chance to attend one of these seminars should grab the opportunity with both hands!”
    Liana Turner, Journalist

    “A refreshing way to perform a business seminar. I have been to many and yours was more of an “experience” as opposed to being force fed information.”
    Kane Milroy, Atlas Currency Exchange

    “Hi my name is Ida Crema and i attended The Fame Equation on saturday at twin towns. I have a micro blink of an eye lid boutique chocolate business..what i discovered was that i really don’t need to be worrying about trying to market in the traditional manner. It was really informative, and fun. it really did inspire me to now go forward and really explore how i can now market my business through the power of social media. look out for Cocoa 2 go i’m coming up with a few new fun ways to spread the Chocolate love.”
    Ida Crema, Choclatier
    “The Fame Equation is a very refreshing take on what I need to do to propel my business to an outstanding level – it is not for those who want to compete for business, but for those who want to leave no doubt in their customers’ minds who they should be dealing with. An outstanding day with lots of new learnings and innovative ways of rethinking business!”
    Estelle Williams, Esprit Coaching
    “Hey Rosco We had such a great time at the Fame Equation, It was amazing to see how having the right tools can generate the right amount of traffic for our business. Thanks again.”
    Allstar Entertainment Crew


More about The FAME Equation….

Calling all World Changers, Consultants, Promoters, Coaches, Awesomepreneurs, Authors, Speakers and Anyone Looking To Become FAMOUS In Their Industry And Reap The RICHES Of The Famous.
Learn How to Turn Your Limited Resources into a MILLION DOLLAR MARKETING CAMPAIGN and Become FAMOUS in Your Industry by Applying Proven Strategies for INSTANT and UNBELEIVABLE Results…
Rossco Paddison is the guy who can MAKE ANYONE FAMOUS and this is his one day seminar called “The Fame Equation”!
“The Fame Equation” will uncover for you how the FAMOUS use their position in the world to change it for their own benefit and how you can too.
You may be completely unaware that this is even happening.
But it’s not your fault.
You’ve simply been CONDITIONED and PROGRAMMED by people who clearly understand how “The Fame Equation” works to fall in line, spend all your money and not know why you love the brands and people you do.
Now is the time for you to TAKE back control of your position in the world and become truly FAMOUS for what you do best.
There is a structured approach to achieving this and it doesn’t require a single CENT, just commonSENSE.
That’s right how would you like to know how to market your products and services without any budget at all?
Of course you would!
Now it is time to tap into your own UNLIMITED marketing budget that never needs refilling.
This is a once in a lifetime OPPORTUNITY to change your perception of the world and how you fit in.
Inside The Fame Equation you will learn the simple step by step process that can make anyone FAMOUS in any industry!
The learnings in this cutting edge seminar are told in an UNFORGETTABLE story telling format that will weave you a very different understanding of Marketing & Promotion of any business, cause or creation on the planet.
Discover the 5 stories that are just the tip of this new reality:

  1. How the world is set to shift AGAIN in the new economy?
  2. How the World as we know it was SAVED from destruction by a clever stunt involving potatoes?
  3. How Facebook has got nearly a BILLION users?
  4. Why are Kindergarten Kids more likely to become famous than you?
  5. How Prostitutes were the key ingredients to the world’s quickest FASHION trend of all time?

Most people avoid promoting their business like it is a plague.
They don’t want to impose on their customer’s lives and have a FEAR of rejection.
The learning’s in The Fame Equation will abolish the need to hold onto this irrational FEAR of rejection.
Once you have the attention of all these new followers you will need a system to get SO MUCH MORE out of them than you ever thought possible.
ALL of this plus everything else below and Tickets are just $97 🙂


The Fame Equation weaves the 7 most successful and up to date EXPOSURE tools that you will use to become famous:


  • Being interesting – Stop being boring to your customers and get massive attention from all the media.
  • Social Media Silver Bullet – Get you thousands upon thousands of followers.
  • “Causing” A Revolution – Turn your goodwill into a virus that spreads like wildfire.
  • The Art of the Publicity Stunt – Turn your personality into a media-munching powerhouse.
  • Interviewing The Elephants – Turn your customers fears into their “reasons” for purchasing.
  • Leverage Without Money – Drive your campaigns twenty times further without the use of a single dollar.
  • Clean up the table – Turn your customers pockets inside out and make sure they have spent all they can with you.

There is a ONCE in a LIFETIME opportunity in front of you right now.
Time to turn this curiosity of yours into action. Let’s turn your business, caise or creation into the next MAC, DISNEY, VIRGIN or  literally whatever you can dream up.
When you have the finished this one day seminar you will have all the necessary tools to move your business to an entirely new POSITION in your market place and get MAXIMUM EXPOSURE for your brand that will give you an unfair advantage over your competitors.
The opportunity is MORE VALUABLE than you could ever conceive given that you will save an astronomical amount of money when you next go to expose your business.
ACT NOW and secure your tickets on this page.

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